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mt comp 2009 (eat it)

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imagine if this got moved to gen chat and pinned!


just for a few days even!




i THINK that is what happened with the 06 one...


it was crazy!



i LOVE the track by track talkings...


pretty sad that milky white bitch turned my song off!


it's SO yr thing, baby!


(takin out chu suckas!)



why don't black people like seinfeld?

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yeah but this is one case where i'd have to say that's bullshit cos 1) there's a precedent, which was highly succesful and didn't cause all the forum borders to suddenly go porous, and 2) while your art type discussions should go here regardless of how few people view the forum, this compilation is the annual, collective end product and i think there's a good case for putting that out on display in the central forum everyone looks at.

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wow kool. i had no idea all you guys were music making lunatics. Thanks for sticking this thread where I'd trip over it Penny or Cindy.


I guess the thing to do now would be dl it and give it a listen. I won't have any feedback of much value - not having any music specific knowledge but if I feel moved to, I'll do a non-musician/ participant feedback thingy.

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this is pretty great. most intriguing to me were he'll fall on you, mooks' ballad, salt story, anything current, number 15, fallen feather, i wanna go 2, and, my favorite on the album - alkuharia's outdoors which reminded me of burial at times, and was way cool. everybody did great work here though. :thumbsup:

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