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mt comp 2009 (eat it)

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The Unknown Band - FALLEN FEATHERS!


woah from FALLEN parrot to fallen FEATHERS with the bird... that's a pretty cool connection point right there buddy! ... ah nice little piani of skorts... we're at like the hour mark and this is starting to feel pretty dang long... hopefully that feeling goes away... but after that last song now this one feels really kinda down-trodden... i guess the tone isn't too sad... going for a more simple and church chaphell feel... damn is this a yorke/radiohead song i don't know about? haha! ... pretty nice stuff...




ze fakts! - lady in ze blakts! (ALTERNATE BUNGLE BLURSION!)


the hell is THIS! ... odd begin... this could be ANY THING... hmm... quite minimal even with stuff going on... i turned it up way louder... because i think i was missing subtle stubble THINGS... horrible tings! ... shut up and let me glow! that's not my name! ... ok 3min in it is now BEGUN! ... not sure what THAT was all about! ... yeah it's got kind of a little groove to it... leaves me wanting a bit more! ... def. an atmospherik piece or something... but those often leave more to be desired... a LOT of silence on the end? way too much!






man things are getting weirder in these later tracks! ... i must admit i'm nervous about that 11minuter followed by a 7minuter? ... so this could be my last chance to get my rocks off! ... though with this begin i don't know what is going on! ... oh ok there's like a song underneath the sounds fighting to get out! that's the way i see it... or HEAR rather... because you cannot SEE the music ... only glisten! has kind of a nice lazy noize haze to it... you wanna go here! ... also sort of going for that ariel pink or whoever where it's like some found thing from the past the transmission has become garbled! ... distorted!






and it begins... the Eleven Minute BEAST to Be:HOLDn Cough in a FIELD... seems kinda trippy hoppy gloppity... pretty nice so far... the stuttery beats and sampled woman... no clue how this is going to go on for as long as it does! ... a LOT of crazy things better happen! ... ok just as i say that it is starting to tweak... out! ... 5min in... what's going to happen... the song is slowly destroying / eating itself... the disintegrating gloops! now i hear BIRDS! birds sing/speak to me... does a pretty good job of every time i think ok something needs to change... then it DOES! ... like it can bread my mine! ... 9minutes in... gahhh ... ok well i'm holding on... the birds... they are trying to tell us something... in a way i'm glad this isn't the last track or shoved in earlier... but after 70+ minutes an eleven minute track like this is a bit much! ... and then a final 7+ min tark? OH GOD! ... we will just have to wait and see! ... woah now it is REALLY de-constructed... the digital bird whines with the real ones in the back and most everything dropped out only to return for more glurtches! half a minute remains! end this sucker RIGHT! why don't chu! FADE OUT! [again.] ok!




ze kitchy klub - ze goldy olden Seal [kissed by a rose garden!]


THE LAST CHANCE SUMMER DANSE GROMANCE! ... this is going to be fuckin EPIK! feels like so long since we heard vox... oh man good this one has them! ... reminds me of differing radiohead songs... some parts i might be wrong and others more later era hed... echo'd far and away focals... ah the tronik blasts are a nice touch... a good mix of many things! ... this just may end things right! ... oh god? esp. if there is a tronik FREAKOUT ... but we will have to wait and see the sea! ... he don't know whyyyyy! ... nice little instrumental break down... man this is really well-produced... with all these elements... the 2nd echo-ing backing vocal you! with open arms! the final 2 minutes of this 93min beast begin! oh GOD?!!! ... he STILL don't know why! ... eye! ... pretty satisfying song... it does what you want it to do and what it sets out to chew! ... those crashing percussive attaks in the distance! ... ah yes... synth strings of sorts... getting pretty fuckin epic!!! ... this outro is KEY! all the elements are there... good in their own ways but working together as ONE...


and... END!






well okay then!








for the most part you could divide songs on here into 3 scatter gories... the more straight ahead music... the experimental/instrumental/whatever... and then the ones that kinda combine the both (which in my opinion of which i opine are the best!) HYPER FUSION! ... with very little confusion... and unexpected change ups versus repetetive is always a good thing...


i don't know how much thought went into the ordering but for the most part that was done VERY well... i think a few of the volume shifts and un-needed silench could have been clipped off but that's just me nitty picking!


pretty good experience and overall i think this one was way stronger than the one i was apart of in August 2006... so that's pretty damn cool! ... i feel pretty happy with how my track fits into it all as a more jokey fun one... i guess in some ways i'd like a BIT more upbeat poppy ones... but eh that's ok too!


well this was a blast and i hope you didn't mind my scatter-brain'd comments too much!




every 3 years!


i drink a couple beers!


Gold Blum?



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i didn't think they were so bad, tbh...opinions are great things



and i wish you had contributed, permy : (



edit: oh wait i get it, you were quoting him with the "hell is this" thing...i blazed past that part of the review cuz i know it starts off a bit odd so i didn't put two and two together. thanks for sticking up for me though, babes ; )


edit edit: oh he said it twice, well the fuck man idk lol


kinda sucks about the silence at the end of my shit though, i didn't realize it was there until the comp was already up. i should say though that the piece was inspired by and contains a vocal sample from Kyriakos (we'z the facts) to be released on an album we're collabing on, Lorem Ipsum. there'll probs be a thread when it's finally complete, like a cabrillion years from now.

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i also made sure not to see who did what track before the hand... so it was weird to find out who was who!




and jeez my comments were just as i listened whatever pooped into my head i think they were pretty fun in a lazy way that "what the hell is THIS!" thing is pretty tongue in cheek...


like if a track started with an owl hooting i'd be like "the HELL is THIS!"


some damn owl?




i am still amazed we got 21 tracks / over an hour and a half!


based on the thread i thought we'd be lucky to get even 40minutes!


must have been a LOT of behind the scenes shit!

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1. Liquid Lunch - San Rio (kafkadoodle)


cool, groovy, i'm liking that bassline that surges up out of the rock every so often. is this your band? what's going on here?


2. Panic Office - Deep End (panicoffice)


love the vocals. especially the 'it must be me they're looking for' part. the video game synths and nostalgic chords make this kinda haunting and fun at the same time.


3. The Ghost of External Fungus - Sign Field (till)


haha. i dunno what to say to this really. i laugh each time it comes up. you should post an album on here sometime.


4. He'll Fall On You - Cars Apart (hailtotheshy)


got a major 'yesterday is dramatic today is ok' thing going on here. rhodes piano makes me feel like i'm watching charlie brown cartoons.


5. The Zeppo - Mr. Miyagi Aka The Song Of HOPE (castor troy)


uh on one hand this is giving me a headache. on the other hand that last minute and a half where the noise all congeals into this super-claustrophic noise assault is really interesting and has me headbanging my ass off. i think it's the vocals that are getting to me. i wish they were blended into the wall of sound better cos that's what this song seems to be about. this has actually inspired me to work on a similar sort of manic-aggressive noise-beat thing i've had lying around for awhile and wasn't sure what to do with.


6. Thom Praisewater - A Cold River (mooks)


accesible, memorable songwriting as always. there's not a whole lot to say about it otherwise. you have the kind of voice that has to grow on you just enough to force your attention. actually you sound almost exactly like the guitarist in my band. good lyrics too.


7. Mindwater - Fear Of Success (thief of fire)


weird how you manage to keep that chill/zoning out element even when you switch from krautrock to noisy garage guitars. just zooms along. i like the edgy blues direction your guitar playing is going in. is this gonna be on the new album? i'm excited for it. only thing is i think it could use like a wiry, trebly sort of bass line riffing out in the background and then it'd be perfect. i know you said you've been trying to record songs you can play verbatim live but if i were you i'd make an exception for some bass lines.


8. George Woskob - Salt Story (badman)


the sound makes this song. i love all that empty space and how it draws attention to that bass noise in the background and all the little guitar and synth fills. it's got a sweaty, lazy vibe. i'll definitely be downloading your album now.


9. Kyriakos Ioannou - Gambler (kyriakos)


you're good at this laid back SAW 85-92-style ambient music. i'm not sure what else to say cos it's totally competant and i'm enjoying it just fine on terms i've already established for artists i pay money for.


10. A Bit Cagey - Anything Current (muckitup)


well-produced. almost too well-produced... i like the music but the vocals make me think of Evanescence and that's sorta rubbing me the wrong way. i get the chorus stuck in my head very easily, though, which is a good thing. i dunno i guess the tonality just isn't my thing. i'm at the end where the toy piano starts sort of folding over itself and that's cool.


11. Monologue - Jack Takes Revenge (babydoctor)


probably my favorite song of mine at the moment but who knows since i've heard about 1,000,000 times by now. also it's not quite finished. but the closest to being finished out of the batch i'm working on right now. it belongs to an album under construction, that'll probably be posted up here sometime after the new year.


12. Blood From The Air - Black Velvet Cross (-ryan-)


i like the imposing guitar effect you've got going here. it's a good noise solo and i enjoy it on those terms. it'd be better if there was a song under it though. or just songs on either end of it, this would be a good context track.


13. George Johnston - Number 15 (butcherdown)


yeah pretty much, blur was my first thought. lyrics are my favorite part, followed by the drums and bells and pretty much everything arranged around the acoustic guitar, you did that tastefully.


14. James Grady - Her Elevensies (penatonic boy)


hahahaha, the oompa-loompa intro... at first i'm all 'oh no it's gonna be all cutesy and gimmicky', but the song is really good. i love the chorus. whole song gives me chills. damn good job. my favorite auxiliary part of the song is how the guitars are produced in a sort of murky, lethargic way. Animal Collective does shoegaze.


15. The Dead Baron - Eight Blind Women (baron)


this friend of mine from high school, he's into making horror films and stuff, he went to school for it, but anyway when we were still in high school he asked me to do a soundtrack for his first short, it was like a 'she cheated on me and i'll get revenge on her' type thing... he wanted me to do a sad song and a heavy song for the soundtrack. i did the sad song and when sat down to do the heavy song i was like 'what do you mean by heavy?' and he just said 'you know... heavy!' so i did this total fuck-off track of like 2 minutes that was basically me pounding out diminished chords as loudly as i could and i played the drums with marching snare sticks. it came out sounding a lot like this. angry music for people who aren't angry. for the record he used my sad song but went with like Killswitch Engage or something for the heavy song.


16. Fallen Parrot - Lost Wings (gordx)


this isn't playing for some reason. :\


17. ??? - Fallen Feather (madmatt321)


thom? sounds like the vocals on 'harry patch'. very pretty. actually the whole thing is pretty 'harry patch', i bet that song sounded a lot like this before it got arranged for orchestra.

18. The Facts - Lady In Black (milky wonder bitch)


awesome beats and programming in general. main industrial-sounding beat is so catchy. i love how the song builds as it goes on. very groovy. has kind of a wandering, pensive quality and you're good at drawing attention to new song elements while you sneak the previous one out the back door. that guitar-sounding thing that replaces the main piano riff reminds me of The Fragile. who did what on it? i'd really like to hear more stuff from you guys.

19. Handglops - I Wanna Go 2 (ihggy)


this guitar is so evil. i wasn't expecting your music to be this dark. dirty and raw and kind of scary. the outro guitar riff speaks to my soul, man. i want to learn it and play it over and over again.


20. Aiku - OUTDOORS (alkuharka)


The Field does R&B, and then tears it limb from limb and makes avant garde ambient out of its pieces. I could listen to stuff like this all day right now. doesn't look like you're much of a regular but if you ever see this, do you have an EP or an album or something I could get from you?


21. The Kitchen Club - The Golden Seal (definitely toby)


i dunno why but this makes me think of Spiritualized... only superficially relaxing. then it sucks me in around the 3 minute mark when it gets kind of sad and lost. it is kinda longer than it needs to be though. but then those guitars come in towards the end and it's suddenly not long enough. good way to end this compilation all around too.

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14. James Grady - Her Elevensies (penatonic boy)


hahahaha, the oompa-loompa intro... at first i'm all 'oh no it's gonna be all cutesy and gimmicky', but the song is really good. i love the chorus. whole song gives me chills. damn good job. my favorite auxiliary part of the song is how the guitars are produced in a sort of murky, lethargic way. Animal Collective does shoegaze.




Heyman --- apreciate this..... exactly what was going for (AC shoegaze)... nice one for writin up every track.

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awesome! oh man, I can't wait until I get to dl this and listen! I'll be def writing up a track by track review/thoughts. and wow, #1? coolness. I am humbled. thanks to till and babydoc for the words! that is what the liquid lunch "band" sounds like!


roger, could you add "MeHateNames" to our track? he is a poster here now and he plays keyboard+keyboard drums in Liquid Lunch! thanks roger. you are hero for doing all of this.

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Listening now, I can't say much at the moment other than the overall quality of this is really high. Tons of good stuff here. Standouts on the first listen would be the mooks song, Cars Apart and Fallen Parrot, but the whole thing is generally good


Might do a track by track thing at a later date

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yea, song by song talkings are the best that way everyone is included and you don't feel like no one is talking about your song


because all the songs have their own merits and any criticism won't be too negative but might help you change yr focus or just think to yr self "eh well it's not their bag / they don't get what i'm doing" ...


i just wish this was like the Aug 06 one where it was in general chat and like 30 people did track by track talkings!


it was INSANE! people not even on the compilation taking the time to do that ...

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liquid lunch: cool song, pretty rockin with driving guitar and drumming. i liked the left and right ear thing in the middle


panic office: good song, i like the echoing on the vocals and the beat was pretty engaging. i think this is what the eraser would've sounded like in the eighties?


ghost of external fungus: seinfeld and annoying


cars apart: kinda bleak computer instrumental. not at all my type of thing but not unenjoyable or bad


zeppo: i liked some parts but other parts were pretty un-listenable. i skipped to the next track after 4 minutes


mooks: had heard this before, great song. maybe a little too long, but love the vocals and guitar


roger: awesome song. would like to hear the vocals slightly higher in the mix, but other than that it's great. can't wait for the new album


george woskob: really cool weirdo pop tune. i'm downloading yr album now (for free, sorry i'm out of cash right now) the noise that's in the background and then alone at like 2:09-2:14, what is it?


kyriakos: falls into the not my type of thing category, but certainly not a bad song


a bit cagey: didn't really like this song, sorry


monologue: again, not my kind of music. i think it sounds like theme-music that would be playing in some bad guy's dungeon in the 80s


ryan: i think your guitar is angry. abrasive and violent and kinda hard to listen to, but i think that is the point so good job! much better recording than the version i heard like a month or so ago. this second half of the song is easier to listen to.


butcherdown: nice song. like the bored sounding vocals, they give the line 'you might like it 'round here' a nice sarcastic feel


james grady: cool song. wasn't expecting the vocals after the first 15 seconds or so, then wasn't expecting the guitar blasting in a bit later. liked this a lot actually.


dead baron: great song, love the drumming. oh man, the second half really rips. this is like if lightning bolt made a garage rock album, which is awesome.


fallen parrot: like the reluctant sounding vocals, nice sounding song


madmatt: sounds just like radiohead, but like the boring radiohead songs i don't like


the facts: first half is pretty quiet and boring. the piano that kicks in in the second half is nice and helps pick the song up a bit


ihggy: heard this one before, very cool song. can't wait for the tape


alku: super long song. kinda psych pop sounding at the beginning, but then not poppy at all. i liked the bird noises. pretty cool


kitchen club: really like the guitar at the beginning here. song is too long though.

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