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mt comp 2009 (eat it)

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there it is!




1. Liquid Lunch - San Rio (kafkadoodle, mehatenames)

2. Panic Office - Deep End (panicoffice)

3. The Ghost of External Fungus - Sign Field (till)

4. He'll Fall On You - Cars Apart (hailtotheshy)

5. The Zeppo - Mr. Miyagi Aka The Song Of HOPE (castor troy)

6. Thom Praisewater - A Cold River (mooks)

7. Mindwater - Fear Of Success (thief of fire)

8. George Woskob - Salt Story (badman)

9. Kyriakos Ioannou - Gambler (kyriakos)

10. A Bit Cagey - Anything Current (muckitup)

11. Monologue - Jack Takes Revenge (babydoctor)

12. Blood From The Air - Black Velvet Cross (-ryan-)

13. George Johnston - Number 15 (butcherdown)

14. James Grady - Her Elevensies (penatonic boy)

15. The Dead Baron - Eight Blind Women (baron)

16. Fallen Parrot - Lost Wings (gordx)

17. ??? - Fallen Feather (madmatt321)

18. The Facts - Lady In Black (milky wonder bitch)

19. Handglops - I Wanna Go 2 (ihggy)

20. Aiku - OUTDOORS (alkuharka)

21. The Kitchen Club - The Golden Seal (definitely toby)

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Downloading! : )


There are a few people up there that are using their band/actual names.

How about putting up the usernames, too, just so everyone knows who's who?

I kind of want to place the personality with the song.



Edit: I thought I posted this hours ago but I guess I left it to hang.

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The Ghost of External Fungus is cool. reminds me of like dj shadow/aphex


The Zeppo is a trip. I love the intro.


Mindwater has an awesome Velvet Underground/old Modest Mouse feel.


Monologue also is awesome with like a Downward Spiral feel.


Love Number 15


James Grady is cool like a very think tank-esque blur-ish sound.


The Facts is very very awesome. Kind of like a zero 7 sound but more organic. Almost Beta Band like too. I like it a lot.


Alku is the shit. Very Impressive. I'd love to know how it was all put together.


Kitchen Club is a nice groove.


Fallen Parrots is very cute and enjoyable.


Gambler is also good.

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damn! over 90min? it's like a double edged album s-word mein kompft!


DEATH LEMMING KRIMES: Yr Art 2009 COMP of by for not the Gold Blum Bum!


track by track anal shit IS A GO!




liquid brunch - sangrio


weird little opening sample! the hell is THIS! fuzzed washed out rock & rolla! cool lo-fi quality... those snappin percussiv beats... i'll say it now and a LOT more thru-out but geez i hope not too much on here is instrumental! ... the one i was a part of in 2006 had way too many...we will see! ... is this live? it sounds like it might be live! ALIVE! woah it just TWEAKED out... haha! excellent! ... that was crazy? how'd you DO that! so unexpected... wow that just made it for me that tiny bit! coolness! ... this is like the comps crazy intro!




panik orifice - jonny depp bend


holy volume shift! ... hopefully that won't be too much the issue... this one sounds mellon collik : ( ... damn it sounds nice enough but feels like real downer music! taking you to dark places! just what the fuck! ... ooh nice little tronik flourishes or what have you... i like those! ... i like the little piani too ... and backing ooohs and ahhs! nice! not as downbeat as i first thought...




ghost of external fun gush - Sign Field


well geez what can i say! i went for the fun jokey track yet again! (06 one i did all vocal cover of TMBG dr. worm!) how do i follow THAT! ... well with This!! ... it's what it is! ... dj shadow / aphex? HAHA! yeah ok buddy! haha! ... those YELPS! and the table bang were what i originally wanted but then i thought i need some other goodies! ... the thromping ever-changing simple back drop... as the vocal snippets change and build! ... but i don't wanna be a pirate! ... [maybe too obvious a sample!] ... but The Wiz! that was KEY! ... and as it all morphs together... Pirate/YelpYelpYelp!/i'm the wiz! i'm the wiz! ... haha! YES! ... man it really came together better than i expected in quite the unprofessional way... so happy people are diggin it too... it could have gone either way!




carza part - he will fall on you!


ah perfect! ... after a fun kinda jokey cheap one a real slow burner saddy! ... plezent darkened tones! creepy! ... this is so cool this comp more or less came out on halloween i'll always associate it with that now! ah this one is nice... soothes mah lazy soul... def. one where it is instrumental but yeah no vocals were needed for what it set out to damn do... though i feel like it should be dark out / ultra late night hearing this one like 3am... instead of 4pm daylight! ... spaced OUT! ... oh man i'm tripping down




the zurpo - mr mia guy daniel SUN!


the hell is THIS! ... damn buzzy and weird vocals... oh man and screaming! the vocals are all around my head! damn syko effexors... i diggit! ooh the haze is clearing... a story about karate and KIDS! ... all hope is gong! catch the fly and reach the sky! ... good line... sample of the old asian man himself! ... man this could go ANY WHERE... man the yells all echoing into oblivion are KEY ... the guy singing sounds on the edge! woah... it's getting crazier... these SOUNDS... like distorted dimensional belles... ooh ooh! like MONKEY HOOTS! whispery fox! getting intense again! bop bop? haha ... this is all over the place! woah... all dropped out bar the vox now it's really tweakin... and bleakin blinkering! ... the sounds of statik digi-deconstructed and destroyed destructed!... or something! ... damn impressive tronik work ... damn i don't even know programs that do shit like THIS! ... haha and it continues! woah... what the HELL this is insane? and amusing... these sounds all popping in and out... damn...


that was a BEAST!

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tomas praise that water - the chilling river giver!


ok i was gonna say how do you follow up a +5min beast dragon like that last one... with a nearly 7min acoustic number? haha... yeah ok! ... def. some good variety on this one... i'm not much of a lyric guy so i don't know if this is telling some epic story... The vocals and the whole mood are quite queer. that much is clear! ... these tired bones! ... heartwarming vox! i also like how it faded in and now finally out... but there is a LOT of silence now? ... TOO Much... hmm!




mind that water - the fear of succeeding!


more water! what! ... sounds all glow-fi or some shit... those clickity clacks... whoa the focals are not the vocal point they are FAR AWAY [be quite driver!] ... i guess the idear is like it is filtered thru some warped past sort of thing... like it's some lost cassette tape of a demo some band did 20 years ago... fuck if i know! ... we don't care! ... oh trust me, mate... WE CARE! ... he sounds kind of drunk!




jorge wash cob - the glory story of SULT!


haha... this little voice... reminds me like of a unicorn type guy ... but filtered thru a dementia patch... ah the production sounds pretty cool... i love it when vox are effexored and more than one set of fox and different places spacially around yr hed... it's got this little buzzy swagger to it... i really like this one! it's both simple and has ambitions... ok now it just changed... some sort of ... droning tone manipulated SOMETHING... damn where is it going? haha! these sounds and change-ups... i LOVE when it is unpredictable! ... pretty mellow and not too many upbeat poppy vocal hooks but for what it was i damn riked it!




some asian name - GAMBLOR!


the glam gambling vamplor! ... ah ok another kinda plezent instrumental... with soothing tones and gnomes! ... subtle little frosty touches... i am happy so far with the amount of electronik / experimentation... it's not all just straight up rock or dude with guitar music... which is refreshing... yeah this one is nice! i can't always come up with too much to say i suppose! ... good reflection music... looking out my window and the dull grey sky thinking about those times in the past that i had wanted to die! ... but realized no! i must TRY! not to Die! ... kind of makes me think of 3 dimensional ballcubes kinda gliding on glissful blishy electronic xylo phones... if you will!




8-Bit Nic Cagey - Anything Currently ReMastered Disaster!


that rolliking demento piani or whatever... what the hell is this! a female singing? oh, i don't know about THIS! ... def. adds nice variety... and a vocal song with subtle troniks is always a plush... once again i comment on how it is cool that a lot of this is kinda dark and spooky and downer but not too depressing... i guess with halloween and being a radiohead board it fits... good use of the main vox and then backing vocal flourishes... and that little cryptophone instrument really hit the spot... woah the vocals are MOVING ... moving round my head... this is cool! if you physically move yr head in the opposite direction as the sound it makes it even trippier... [serious drugs] ... good atmosphere too... any THING! what the hell this Thing is is up to the viewer! ... ah the cryptophone is back... those little bell-ish chinks really get me! subtle little lazer blastlings...

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mono the log! - Jack Takes the Planets Named Revenga!


ah a more tronik approach... digital destructo-bots! ... lots of little things going on... little wurzls not-with-standing! ... blasts and beats! ... sort of a demeaning almost threatening tone to this piece of work (yr a real piece of work you know that?) ... thundery crashes... MOTORCYCLED!!!! yes, that's the word! now yr on the bird! this is the middle track of the 21 so in a way it is the intermission / movement into the 2nd half of ze compilation digital file cd... little trinkets!




blood is in the air 2nite! - blak velvy crost!


time wize we haven't even hit the half way mark hoppus? OH GOD? ... guitar is warming up for SOMETHING... ... still warming up... the hell is THIS? ... quit wanking off yr guitar! ... i know you like lightning bolt or something but man... i don't know... needs a FULLER sound too... maybe some DEATH SCREAMS! ... and a couple of LA LA LA's! haha! ... bop sha bop da! ... hmm okay! ... hey hey




butch her down town! - #15


odd this is track 13 when it should be fifth Teen! .... an acoustic ditty? ah ok here come the shakers! ... the little sparkles... i like them mmm's! ... pretty basik track but effective esp. after the minimal ness of the previous tarkle... the voice has a kinda nice subtle sneer to it... like maybe a kiss-off song... gah i don't know! ... keep up the work! ... it wasn't worth it! ... the little twinkles and melody of guitar almost reminds me of chocolate girl by ac like egyptian temples but maybe that is a stretch retch!




jerms groddy - her 11nesh!


haha... these little blasts and Whurr! vocal thing... oh man... panda bear? oh man now it is fuzzrockin... vocals take a semi-backseat! ... i like the fuzzed out sound of this... part of the melody also reminds me a bit of ac [the girls are very curious!] oh god now they'll all remind me of ac... but yeah like slightly experimental pop rock ... it's got that thing going... but not glowing... or ever-growing... ok it isn't just my imagination... i'd be surprized if you weren't an Animal Collect fang! & ARROW! ... water bubbled la la's submerged! and the sort of doo doo da doos! ... very ac! haha! yes! ... ac gripoffs done right are a great thing! ... what it is... and where it's going... really like this 'un!




DEAD BARE UN! - 8 blonde micey girls!


holy volume shift! ... sounds pretty thrashy trashy so far... hmm... not sure where this is going... ok good now it is shifting... morphin! ... ever gorfin! ... this also reminds me of something but i can't place what... stops and then click clack the durm sticks now it's realy full throttled! ... it's like REALLY fast but also not at the same time... weird... i can't essplain it any otter weigh HEY! ... this could also use some real yells! like "YEahhhhhhhhhh! alright now!... HERE WE GO! ... woooooooooooo!" could you imagine? would give it that extra dimension... hey someone yelled something! ... woah... if you could breed my MINDframe! ...




fallen pare ROT - lost wings!


ok dammit it didn't play and i had to open it in Winamp just to play it.... shouldn't be a problem! ... oh god a downer song with girly vox? ... the hell is THIS! ... seems nice enough... i guess i'm the type that only likes girls singing when the backdrop has heavy or at least somewhat emphasis on troniks or something... experimentation! when it is straight up more i don't know... not my style... but she has a nice enough voice... the lower and higher parts... the idear of some bird A PARROT falling over and losing his wings! ... MANY things! if only you was a boy!

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