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Battle of the Covers, 2009

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ok i am kinda lazy to google a tab for garota ipanama


(3:02:10 AM) aravind: wait, should i do a shit-fi version of party in the usa

(3:02:36 AM) feistysnowduck: OH MY GOD

(3:02:39 AM) feistysnowduck: THAT WOULD ROCK MY WORLD


y/n? i am all about fulfilling hype

Edited by doctor dark
(3:18:18 AM) feistysnowduck: aravind i dunno can you take the direct link out of your postttt
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wait will we have to do a new cover for every round? how many rounds is this?


uuuh uuuuh yes.


the number of rounds depends on how many entrants we get. for the botb 2009 we had I think 28 entrants and five rounds. in this one, I'd say expect at least 3 rounds, most likely there will be 4, prob not 5 rounds but that's possible.


Pshh. Whatever.

I'm going back to calling you Kafka.


this is the most crushing post I've ever read icon9.gificon23.gificon9.gif

fixed, you unpatriotic tear-rist


yeah sure w/e

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