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Battle of the Covers, 2009

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yeah? no? yeah? I'm thinking a month deadline to send in first round songs? maybe longer? maybe shorter? the format would be one-on-one thread polls, tournament style. uuuh can't think of anything else to detail.




post here what you will be recording for the 1st round, and I'll add you to the list


no rule against posters covering the same song because that's unlikely anyway and yeah


new deadline is Jan. 10th



you will need to send me a new cover song for every round you make it to






ihggy vs rich


box vs cloud cuckoo (both advance in a tie)


ryan vs badman


permanesia vs wonder milky bitch


rose vs mooks (both advance in a tie)


baron vs kafka





ihggy vs box


cloud cuckoo vs badman


wonder milky bitch vs rose


mooks vs kafka





ihggy vs badman


wonder milky bitch vs mooks





ihggy vs wonder milky bitch

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do we have to say what song we're doing before hand or just turn it in


yeah that'll be good.


just one song for a tournament or just an all out one time battle?


a new one for each round.



so uh, post your song pick in the thread to claim it, and once you win your round, post your next song pick here and so on.

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oh except then you've only got so long to record the next song... icon23.gif


uuuuuh uuuuuuuuuuh



if by small chance two people have recorded the same song, just who cares. vote for the better version of it. aaaaaand yeah, still post your song pick because that's fun to know.

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