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To all MTers:


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Listen to some of the MT bands you haven't heard of yet. listen to the ones that almost no one listens to, yet. click the link, spend a second or two to dl the track, ep, lp etc. add it to yr player and listen to a track, or more, or all of them. post a reply.



It's not even about wanting to give everyone a listen and make them feel all good about themselves and their effort, it's also that there is some seriously fucking good music posted in this forum and it's a damn shame that we ignore most of it.



a lot of it goes to waste when it doesn't have to. step up.






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yeah, he's great. but that's what I'm talking about: a loooot of posters know hasbro's music. a lot posters who rarely into your art know his music. but barely anyone has heard this band:




that posted a thread the other day, and there is one of the best mt songs I've ever heard on the myspace, dangerous drive

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in all honesty, i haven't even really noticed much new original music being posted up in this joint lately. maybe i haven't really been paying attention but i thought i did


there's a habit, maybe for the worse, of posters putting up a thread for only a song or an ep which doesn't pull enough attention. this somewhat makes sense because who wants to go through all the hassle for only a small amount of music? but it also doesn't make sense because it takes almost nothing out of yr time to hear a song or four.


not to mention, full length albums get passed over the same way when they're posted.





^this album for instance, there is no reason why it should've been overlooked. there are 18 replies that mostly revolve around a penis joke and a topic separate from the album. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who heard the album and wrote back about it. it's a good album. a genuinely good album.


I will grant that a good amount of the released music in YA are from posters who aren't around much, with few posts, are don't seem to be well-known despite their presence here. still, the music is put out and the chance to hear it is wasted.


sorry hasbro wasn't good enough for you


you shut yr whore mouth

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Kyri and I are still working on an album...we started a thread for it and put a few songs up, the response was ok in the beginning but it petered off as we posted more songs. I think it might be better, as Kafka said, to wait until it's finished and post it as an entire album.


edit: also, i do listen in now and then when i see a poster up an album/song while i'm on. i never go into particular forums, i just click New Posts every now and then to stay current. one day i'll take the time to go through Your Art and see what/who i discover.

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