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Sitting here, sleep-deprived as I am, I concocted an idea (with the help of Olga and Foppe) that should be really fun for all of us artsy types on MT.


That idea involves the following:

- one handmade book

- envelopes and stamps

- the very talented artists of MT

- various drawing, painting, collaging, and writing materials


The Goal:

I will start by mailing a handmade, bound book (I will have designed the cover) to the first volunteer who lives closest to me. That person will use two or more pages to establish a story (using illustration, collage, words, etc) around which the rest of the participants' pages will be based. The first person will then mail the book to the next participant, and this process continues until the book is returned to me. I will then post the result on MT.


The story should be coherent and follow the plot set in motion by the other participant(s), but experimentation is allowed (and even encouraged).


The theme is JOURNEY


So far the following people are participating:

- myself

- Kyri

- PD

- Foppe

- Olga

- Janel

- Doc

- Nikki

- Anna

- Liff

- Kristen

- Liz


Upon PMage:

- Sam

- Rapefish


The deadline for sign-ups is the 30th of June, so if you want in, PM me your address so we can get the ball rolling. This should be great fun!

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This sounds amazing. PMing you now.


EDIT: Oh, and I guess I'll go for storybook too. Can we add our own illustrations to our part of the story and whatnot? Exciting times, MT! Exciting times!

Yes yes!


Depending on how many people sign up and how many pages I make the booklet with (assuming everyone wants in on the storybook), you'll get a few pages of your own to do whatever you like with to continue the story.

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Foppe and I have started generating a list of themes we could use for this, and the one we both like deals with corrosion/erosion/fragility in nature.


The theme is still open to debate and your individual interpretations.


If you have something you think would work better, feel free to shoot out your ideas!

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