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took a few snaps of words in my kitchen, my favorite room to hang in, sorry i can't be more creative but this was fun






this is part of a massive clock i have hanging on the wall, poppies are my favorite, esp red



yes, it's quite silly, but it makes me smile


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oh fuck these are all awesome man cindy fucking beautiful stuff!


i took one for language last night i will try to bring my computer with me tomorrow soi can upload it i dont think i can do it on the slow ass computer classroom computers that i'm on now.


i'll also get one in for glass it reminded me of this other picture i took a long time ago but of course it doesnt count. maybe if i take a new one i'll post the old one too just for kicksss

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ok OP all updated,

**** please note that i put the "ALL PHOTOS MUST BE NEW!!!" part in like really big font, because i hate to nitpick peoples individual posts (especially when the photos are gorgeous) but i really think that this thread should be new pictures only. you're supposed to have the theme in mind when you take the photo, not the other way around***


anyway, all the language ones looked great : ) I am so happy with how this thread is going.

next up:




(JUNE 11-17)


What do you find comfortable? A favorite tee shirt? A favorite spot to think about things or sink into a couch? Someone close to you? All of these things can represent the feeling of comfort, so please show us what it brings to mind first. Post something that gives you that inner peace, even if it's something as simple as a cup of coffee or as complicated as a family relationship.

As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to msg me or post them in this thread. I'm always up for discussion.


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