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aw man, I did a whole project on sihlohettes a couple of years back :lol:


here's one of the images I took back then:




I'll take another one tomorrow for this thread...gotta be up early! One question though - does it have to be a person's sihlohette, or can it be one of any kind?

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i'd say definitely any kind or at least thats how i was interpreting it


i have been trying to but its hard with the lighting i have available. i took a really cool picture that doesnt quite make it as a silhouette but i think i will post it anyway cuz it was inspired by the thread, even though i will still strive for an actual submission


that one is so cool though dude wow

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beautiful tap&rose&rich

i want that chia pet watch lol.


i saw some really beautiful silhouettes last night but i couldn't bring myself to take out my camera and start snappin pix because it was one of those quiet moments with acoustic guitar and good friends and elliott smith singalongs and shit... just wanted to savor it in my mind moreso than capture it in a photo. anyway, yeah i still have nothin to contribute to this theme, just thought i'd say.

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haha the watch is truly awesome but i dunno if you noticed its broken


kinda sad


i mean thats why i had it. some of my friends got chia pets from another friend for christmas or something and they came with the watches but this one girls' broke so she was like lol you want it so i took it

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splurgee is that a shadow?

kinda different from a silhouette but i'll take it : )

it looks like a city skyline






(JUNE 4-10)


Anything including written or printed word. Try to keep it interesting, not just a presentation of someone else's words, but rather your visual interpretation of them. The word(s) can be the main focus or a subtle addition, just so that there is clearly some kind of language being used as a tool in your photography.



You guys can submit stuff for past themes at any time, just sayin.

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