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ooh i really like that one, rich...there's a bunch of different textures going on and the way cobwebs complement the broken glass is pure awesomeness.



here's my contribution (or one of them at least):



Awesome, simply because it took me a while to realise it was inside a glass


thought it was in a washing machine at first, heh. Gives a similar effect.

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shoot, i want to participate but i've been having this killer backache for the last week, which has even been affecting my right arm. if it ever gets better i'll go out with my camera and catch up on everything. you guys are doing awesome stuff tho :thumbsup:

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love them andrea! the second one especially is a gorgeous portrait... and i'm loving the flare on the first.


i hate to be a bug, but are they new?

the kinda point of this thread is to post images taken especially for the theme.

if they're not its okay but just so you know for next time..



ps: i hope your back feels better cindy, i can't wait to see what you can do with this.

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