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Great cloud pics everyone!!


My entry:

Clouds surrounding glowing icebergs, maybe in a galaxy far far away ;-)











So anyways, the absence of good cloud formations in the sky during the past couple of weeks made me do some science to recreate clouds in the lab today (well what else is a girl to do?? Stupid November weather...).

If real clouds will make an appearance tomorrow, I'll try to take a pic.

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FUCK i ran out of room on the OP!


ughh annoying.... what do i do...


edit: crisis solved





(NOV 19 - DEC 3)

The goal of this theme is to capture the essence of a life. Whether its your significant other, your mother or father, your self, your cat, your dog, your local grocery store bagboy, some random hot chick, etc.. you get the idea. Try for a look, a gaze, that says something without using words. Something that really communicates an idea to the viewer through a face or gesture. Questions comments concerns and general discussion for this theme should fall below this post !

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