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well there was Pat who was the drummer when I joined Sea Lions, then we had Matt, this girl named Ocean who played all rockish so we had to give her the heave ho, this guy Raul, Jake, the one playing the tambo in the second and third picture and playing drums on the first, and now Cris, who is seriously the best drummer I've ever been around. Sea Lions is funny like that, when I joined it was this really awkward mostly crappy thing, and now we're almost like a real band... haha..

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yeah man, cris is fucking awesome. kind of funny thinking about tossing the chick who played too rockishly. would've been fun to have a spectator's view of it.

all the time you were searching for another drummer, was eric already in the band? seems like he would've brought in his own brother sooner.

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ah that's kind of sad to hear when brothers don't even like to be around each other. I have a strange relationship with my own brother--he dislikes a lot of what I do creatively and I guess he's got that older thing of always being a bit ashamed of me, and then I'm more ambitious than he is when it comes to music plans, but it would suck if we didn't even like to be around each other.

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