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MT Battle of the Bands 2009

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is anyone ready to go with their first round songs? submission time is now, and ends around mid february.



ima join


oh god I am gonna lose bad


but I will try!!!


anyway, is it okay if I enter as two different names? cause this one song I did with a friend as a band/duo thing and we had a name and I want to leave it like that.


that's ok with me











we had 28 bands in the last battle. we're currently at 15.


and oh, no one's planning on entering songs they entered last year, right? because that should be a rule, no previously entered songs.

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that's one against one on the cover songs issue, so unless more people come forward and the scales are tipped, I'll stick with allowing each artist a cover


note: you do not have to submit a cover.



if a band records a cover that overshadows the original (like Dinosaur Jr.'s cover of Something Like Heaven by the cure), you don't think twice about it, but if a band records a cover and it's just average or they totally fuck it up, then it's even worse than it would be if it were just an original song. so there's no advantage to submitting a cover, and it's no significant sign of a lack of talent if it's a really good rendition of the song.


but that's my opinion. I'm running this according to majority opinion, so everyone else, speak up if you want to.

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i think covers should be signed as covers, because i don't know most of song the people here listen to / would cover, so i wouldn't see the difference selfwritten song / cover. generally i'd tend to give my vote to non-cover, even if it's good, so i would say no-cover rule, but if the cover/no-cover discussion is tied because of my vote, don't count it in and let covers in.

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