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MT Battle of the Bands 2009

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This post will be continually updated; please refer to it if you have any questions, and for an on-going account of the tournament. I will give a two day heads up before I post the first round polls, in case anyone has not submitted yet. Start submitting your songs to me through PM.


Polls will be up for four days. If you win, please submit your next song within two days. You will need 5-6 songs if you make it to each round. The final poll will be up for a week. All rounds will be one on one. As rounds progress, consider the artist's songs in the battle so far as a whole before voting.


*Majority consensus has ruled: no covers will be accepted for this battle.


Songs will be hosted through http://botb2009.akakakak.com/


Announce your entry into the competition here.



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