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I will draw you the way I envision your presence

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It's like you've all taken a slice out of my brain, hopped onto the squishy substance enthusiastically and slid down into my subconsciousness, to sink in somewhere. I will now try my best, with my pencil as my tool, to dig you all out. A post in this thread will serve as a flag you stick out to above the surface, making the task clear and marking your coordinates. No more is needed from you then.


This will serve as great practice for my abilities, but don't expect the drawings to roll in at a high rate. I will use nifty ways of thinking such as outside of the box. icon12.gif


Okay, bye




those who remain: carl, erika, fruit-tree, dracool, speiran vaun, morrigan, cindy, aravind, hannah, aaron, kyriakos, jilly, aedan, mutsy, tina, holle, tatiana, pete, cunt, liz, jackson, kafka, kate, evan, clanclan, doc daneeka, rapefish, milkychai, fadeout, david, bella, elliot13guy, daniel, sam (jd), kathleen, seymour, cal, will, safeasmilk, topsturvyandroid, dryan, plastic tree, garrett

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