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The Longest Thread in Your Art

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yeah i'd go for the dickens option. haha   also, this is what came of the pool times   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_N5LQmFrw0

is the new podcast done?

finally getting back into drawing : )

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i really enjoyed it cartwheels, it sounds like youve been making music a long time. im not on soundcloud a lot so dont mean to offend anyone or say its typical of the content but there wasnt a time that felt like i was listening to a beginner soundcloud electronic track. ur layerings real smooth and light and i really liked 3mins and 4mins in. had a young feel like made me wana drive to the liquor store parking lot or stay up all night playing persona


I really like the imagery of staying up in a liquor store parking lot a lot. I love it. Parking lots can be so much fun with the right crowd.


yeah nice vibe. Drums are cool. What you using to produce these days?


Thanks man. Ableton. You can make some fucking crazy sounds with it. Using Max a bit too. 


yeh and it's pretty good all along, it doesn't need much shortening in my opinion


:) I have shortened it a bit since. Listening back to this version I am wondering if I regret it. I want to finish it in the next week. I am going on a trip next week to a small dance music festival. I figure I might talk to a couple of the DJs and am wondering if I might want to hustle and pass out usb sticks with the song on it. I don't want to work on it any after and I'm so ready to move onto something new.


I'm done making dance music. It's so fucking exhausting.

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That's great people let you teach em.


My next project is going to be very tech heavy but the sound is ambient stuff. It's an idea I've had for a long time. It will take me a long time. I'll be working on autogenerative music.


Where to start is a good question. What music do you want to hear? What music do you think you can make? 






Performing usually feels egotistical. Few times it doesn't like when people ask me to play. Like when I played violin at my sister's wedding or when a friend asks me to put one of my tracks on. But it can very easily be like, hey look at me! I'm drawing attention myself! I want to be more careful with how I present my music so it's less, hey look at me, and more appropriate for the setting / mood.

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so I went busking for the first time ever. I earned one dollar and a compliment. I tried to deposit the compliment into my Wells Fargo account but the teller and I couldn't come to an agreement. she was only asking that I leave her branch and take my negative $348.54 with me.





Fake Plastic Trees

Tongue Tied

Calm Down and Get Out


Where Is My Mind?


True Love Waits

Karma Police

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Awesome! Where were you playing?


I remember reading some David Byrne where he talked about busking being crucial to him finding his stage identity. He said the fast feedback of having so many people pass by allowed him to work on his persona really efficiently. Hone in on what grabbed people’s attention.

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very nice, ms. gnogghi! I liked hearing this version of it being familiar with the older, shall we say, demo? the ending feels somewhat unfinished, to be honest. but I love what you've done with the track. from kind of a harsh strum on an acoustic to a warm hug around the ears with this take.

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maybe gloomy in a Slowdive sort of way, but it's that kind of gloominess that cheers me up. as for that ending, it's a little difficult to put my finger on, but I was imagining an ending that sounded like a crashing wave that gets all louder and abruptly ends. the ending as is just feels like that keyboard is doing a little noodling on its own and then ends by itself when the whole track should've come together to end. if that makes sense? I hate focusing on this one aspect, but as you said you were working on it (not sure if it's finished now?) that would be my only note. my main take away is I love it. and yes, I do remember the older version. listened to it quite a lot.

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