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The New Battle of the Bands

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The way this shit works:


You have ONE WEEK FROM THIS DATE to submit your first round song. Please announce your entry into the contest in this thread.

Songs due FEB. 18th


if I'm missing a lot of submissions, chillax, I'll extend the date.


If you advance, you'll have 2 days to submit a song for the next round. You'll need about 5 songs to win.


Each contestant is allowed one cover. If and when you send in your cover song, please tell me that its a cover.


PM all song submissions to me.


You can include solo work as well as band work, interchangeably.







Bootlegger - Glow (Falling For)

Brian/Modern Day Gentleman - I Don't Miss the Heartache

Cabinetlanguage/Green Green - Red Skies

Chrisflew - Wolf for a Day

Electioneer1313 - What I like to Think

Elijah -

Elpantalla - Come to Town

Enemyjavi - Forever Endeavor

Dougal Maguire/Guillotine - Not As You Knew It

Gotosleep/Zetuax Seltrix - Rocketsong

Ihggy/Mon Mops - The Weekend

I Suck Young Blood

JordanMINNESOTA/Jordan Marx - Sing Girl Sing

Kafkadoodledoo/Liquid Lunch - Coming to Get You

Madmatt321 - Move

Mrs. Butcher - People Are Purple


OKComputer - Then the Dam Broke

Penny/Cold Brain - God on the Rails

Raindrops - Shapes and Shadows

Riverman - Coffe, Girl

Ruffa - Gedankenderunterwassercountrybiene

Shota Arveledze/Obsttorte - Egyptian Car Bomb Tragedies

Sveinung - The Rainbow

ThomasJ/L'Antennaheadz - Freaks of Nature


Whiplash/Lord Mandrake - Modular

Whitewash - Grassy




Elijah vs. PennyRoyalty

Bootlegger vs. ThomasJ

Brian vs. Madmatt321

Cabinetlanguage vs. Sveinung

Chrisflew vs. Whiplash

Electioneer1313 vs. Mrs. Butcher

Elpantalla vs. Raindrops

Enemyjavi vs. Whitewash

Dougal Maguire vs. Shota Arveledze

Gotosleep vs. Ruffa

Ihggy vs. Riverman

I Suck Young Blood vs. OkComputer both advance in a tie!

JordanMINNESOTA vs. Tristan421

Kafkadoodledoo vs. Panicoffice





Brian vs. Cabinetlanguage

Dougal Maguire vs. Ruffa

Electioneer1313 vs. Whiplash

Elijah vs. ThomasJ

Ihggy vs. OkComputer vs. I Suck Young Blood

Kafkadoodledoo vs. JordanMINNESOTA both advance in a tie

Raindrops vs. Whitewash




Cabinetlanguage vs. Elijah

Whiplash vs. Whitewash

Dougal Maguire vs. Kafkadoodledoo vs. JordanMINNESOTA


Ihggy receives bye round




Cabinetlanguage vs. Whitewash

Kafkadoodledoo vs. Ihggy




Cabinetlanguage vs. Ihggy

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Man why'd you pick the week when I was working constantly. This is so not fair. I was even doing well int he last one. You can't give a week that is just way to short notice.





the way I look at it, you need 5 songs to win. I'm not going to give you time to write and record five songs. A week is more than enough time to look through your catalogue and select your opening song, and maybe enough time to record one or two new songs if you feel like it. How is work getting in the way of that? You don't need anything new.




In or out?

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