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once again been away from this thread for too long.   i wasn't going to post these here, but meh why not. now don't go judging me - i'ma explain these before just posting them. i'm still studying ph

i scanned some more pics today from the last couple rolls i got developed. i don't really know if i like them or why i put them together like this but ok.

Posted Images

These are my favourites :D the rest are below the back story.






Fun story behind these photos!


...“You can’t take professional photographs here.” It was a miserable-looking stewardess.


Modesty' date=' I laughed at myself and retorted: “Professional?! Pah!” with the hope that this may be enough for her to let me off the hook.


“Well,… whatever. That’s a professional camera and your lens is too big. Put it away.”


So I sat down and put my camera on my lap, feeling a little disheartened. But unto my knowledge, Byrne saw the whole thing.


He finished the song and grabbed the microphone. “OK. OK. I saw that. You, over there, how dare you. How dare you interrupt this show to tell that guy about your fucking uptight rules! Fuck you! Did you not hear what I fucking said earlier? Take pictures! Do what you want! I don’t care! Bring out your fucking lawyers! But do NOT come out here when I’m into a song, and when that guy is into a song, and when we’re all into a song, and tell him to sit down and stop taking fucking pictures! Let the guy take his fucking pictures! Fuck you!”


Not sure if I’ve ever cheered so loud, and so many others did to. There was the victorious sight of people waving their cameras in the air as if they’d just won a battle against uptight venue security personnel everywhere.


“I’m sorry about that. That just really upset me.”


I didn’t need telling twice. I jumped at the opportunity and made my way right down to the front on the stage. I might as well have just climbed up and sat their cross-legged next to his pedals. I stood there and snapped away producing some of my favourite gig photographs I’ve taken. ...[/quote']







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The thing is, there kinda were. Which is what makes it so much more awesome.


That it indeed does. If an artist has no problem with the photographs being taken then that venue has no real legs to stand on. As i think most restrictions are for copyright reasons in those sorts of places (and to probably control the image of the venue itself).


It's moments like you had that makes photography a worthwhile persuit.

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Yeah. Totally. I've been reluctant to take my camera to so many gigs recently for the precise reason that I'd get picked out and told off or thrown out or had my camera confiscated ... And I thought that was gonna happen last night. I'm just so glad that Byrne saw and stood up for all the photographers there last night.

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