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post your music/art pages here.

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cool   http://www.myspace.com/prunetheband   hahahahahahiahahahahahaha     this is going to be my favorite thread for a while

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For anyone who using FL or any other studio software.... I have a few songs i've made with my guitar, but i'd like to upload it to some software and then add to it using the software - basically because I have no band.


Is this a fairly easy thing to do?

yeah man you'd be surprised. like elmir said you need an interface, also a digital audio workstation (DAW.) if you're just looking to record guitar with like some drum loops than free programs like garageband (on mac) or reaper will work fine.

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here are some lyrics to a song I wrote.  I'm going for a sort of Clapton "Wonderful Tonight" vibe but with a slice of extramarital affair.


You're my enemy at dawn

my angel as the day grows long

at sunset you're my cigarette

night time comes I dream you in my dreams


Honey there's something you should now

I'm two beers deep and it's gonna show

that you're all I think of

and that's everything I need to know


You kiss the glass to say hello

you drink it down to let me go

you put your hand upon my temple

and you kindly let me know: that was long ago


well honey my dreams are runnin' low anyways

you've been disappearin' from my world as of late

you said to me to have no fear

how could I face you in my pool of tears?


you say there's no such thing as the blues

but honey there's a hundred ways to lose

a thousand ways to be alone

as many more to sink like a stone

with something to prove




thoughts, anyone?  one day I will try to record it and show.

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