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post your music/art pages here.

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cool   http://www.myspace.com/prunetheband   hahahahahahiahahahahahaha     this is going to be my favorite thread for a while

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Hey everyone. I used to post here frequently, under the name Skip.Divided (for those of you looking for some Mortigi nostalgia), and now I'm back to show you guys my new project and album. Any fans of ambient, improvised, or just downright trippy music will probably enjoy this.


The Freestyle Ambient Project is my attempt at creating ambient/noise music with improvisation and indeterminacy at the forefront. The majority of the bedtracks and automation of instruments/plugins are first take improvisations, some of which were done simultaneously. Each one of the tracks on the debut album, Abandon, were recorded in anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes, and all of them were recorded between June 17th and July 18th, 2012. The tracks appear in chronological order.


Please, have a listen, tell me what you think, and share it with your friends. I know this is a great community of musical people, so I hope I can get some sort of response by posting here. Thanks.




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decided to put up my electronic music on soundcloud. it's been an ongoing project over the last 6-7 years. some of you guys might remember it from the first MTBOB in '06 or '07. im still kinda blown away that i used to make music like this, and im thinking about digging into again. some of its been compared to 'the field', in the droney ambient way some of the songs move along. anyyyways, if you're ever bored or stoned or something, i dont think  it'll let you down : >




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ok, this isn't my art but a close family friend of mine has been trying to get off the ground for a while. Her father just passed away recently just after they moved in to help take care of him. they had to leave their little house with a lot of land that they had made a beautiful home out of. anyways.. I know you all don't know them but because they're so close to me I couldn't help but share this wherever I could online.. so here's a kickstarter they're doing for a show she's doing in Georgia.


hope this isn't considered spam or anything! sorry to post something asking for money. but if anything just check out her website cause her art is pretty awesome. I have two of her pics in my house



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ok i screwed up by posting my stuff in a different place...


This is music for the future from the future, only in the future future one never gets any feedback...well, sometimes...


without further ado here it be -----> (youtube.com/sleepoptimistic) album entitled 'Corruption of the soul and how it destroys faith'


feel free to leave a comment or dont, its up to you...

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song1 : "Letters in bed"


"It's year 2k, and so as Scooter said, "F**k the Millenium


I sit all day in bed, and...

...I hope someone will see me... 

Not like that.


I sit all day in bed and...

I write letters with... with my body


yeah... It's just me 

in that suffocating room"


song 2 : "hate summer"


"I hate summer,

I hate sun,

I hate sea and I hate light,

... and I hate summer


There's nothing wrong with my body,

I just hate summer


I hate her FIRE,

light is blinding me.


I know girls love summer 

But only girls of summer REALLY love

his FIRE.


Maybe I should go to the sea,

Just for cleaning my eyes."




song 3: "My weapon":


"This is my weapon...

This is my weapon.


It's not just any weapon,

This is MY weapon:


I do everything you want me to do,

This is my weapon"



... And I destroy everything that i can not have"

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I have also a "script" about a movie:


'FIVE' : 


It's about wizards, MODERN wizards. some are good , some are bad. "Iluinati" is small bussines in comparison with modern wizards. it's not about iluminati.


paul van dyk, atb, norah jones and many more are wizards.


there are 2 categories of wiz. : 1 - live forever, 2 - more than 2000 years. you can see in the music video timo maas - Shifter.


Timo maas is a wizard who will not live forever.


the magic number is 5 : 5 fingers to a hand , stars on us flag and eu flac : stars with 5 corners etc.


some wizards are jungian analists, like Murray Stein.


you can find more about wizards here : http://tudor33.wordpress.com/wizards/ .

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so..., about the movie...


1 - there are good wizards and bad wizards.


2 - there are good - bad wizards who not live forever but more than 2000 years- these are not safe in mind (unkle)

these wizards are wariors. they fight with bad wizards.


3 there are good - good wizards - these live forever. USA wizards especially live forever. european wiz. do not.


I am not safe in mind, so i will not live forever... but i will have my time... a good time i hope so  :thumbsup:


Unkle ( the band) - I safe in mind ( please take this gun from out my face) - life is a gun that's always pointing to your face.


so, i am not safe in mind, so i will not live forever - UNKLE - "Burn my shadow"..


timo maas will not live forever. he is a good wizard.




we, those who not live foerver will be Lawless, 


UNKLE - War stories :



1. Intro

2. Chemistry

3. Hold My Hand

4. Restless (feat. Josh Homme)

5. Keys To The Kingdom (feat. Gavin Clark)

6. Price You Pay

7. Burn My Shadow (feat. Ian Astbury)

8. May Day (feat. The Duke Spirit)

9. Persons & Machinery (feat. Autolux)

10. Twilight (feat. 3D)

11. Morning Rage

12. Lawless

13. Broken (feat. Gavin Clark)

14. When Things Explode (feat. Ian Astbury)



we will be : "price you pay" , "burn my shadow", "morning rage", Lawless, Broken, Restless

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