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Mortigi Tempo Compilation?

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I was thinking. Wouldn't it be cool if we had some kind of official mix of songs by the musicians here on MT? We did this on another forum I frequent and it turned out really nice. They could either put on an original song or a cover if it's good enough.


Some people that would have to take part:





Reckoner Dan

Ihggy (I haven't heard his music' date=' but he looks pretty cool when he's playing)

I would want to if you guys think any of my stuff is good enough


That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure I missed one or two. Tell me if you think it's a good idea or what to be part of it.[/quote']









so, who here has heard spiderbabY?

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her covers of radiohead (gagging order in particular) are great... dont know if she has any original stuff' date=' but im pretty sure that would be good too...


she has a myspace but i dunno where to find it.[/quote']Anna is pretty awesome. She has a link to her Soundclick in her sig.

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Guest Radiator
Wow Radiator.


That's pretty damn good.


If it just had a tiny bit more imput in terms of a full band noise' date=' it'd be so awesome.


As it is though, I really like.[/quote']


Thank you, but hear this... i don't have a bass guitar.

Anyone with one and good tone reception can record a bass part over it though, a nifty one at that. And then post the link here when you're done.

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whats the plan then?
Right now the plan is for everyone to choose the song they want to use(no covers, unless it's pretty obscure) and send them to me. Eventually, we'll have a website for them all or something, but I don't imagine that being for at least a little while.


Heh. This is pretty unorganized, I guess. Oh well.

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just tell me when you need it, i already have it done
There's no real deadline at this point, but I'm thinking December 15th sounds like a good day. We could try to get the project online by Christmas Day.


If anyone wants to help coordinate all of this, please tell me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PM if you're interested.

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