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Mortigi Tempo Compilation?

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hey brian' date=' i know it's too late. but i did get my 8-track today, like i had expected -- graciously... am i spelling that right? i dont know. i am tired. but anyways.


here is my elliott smith cover of


st. ides heaven


those flash memory cards are a pain in the ass, but i was able to whiddle down what i couldnt record to wav.



is that a phone ringing?


I liked it at first, but after a while it got kind of annoying :D


other than that it was awesome, great sound quality.







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Yes' date=' I liked it very much. :) Great work.


I was talking about the phone when I said it got annoying after a while.. haha, amazing I didn't realize it was my own.. at first it sounded like an organ, but then it got slightly more and more out of pitch.. :D[/quote']


oh! thank you man! i appreciate that very much :)

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no one is allowed to use yousendit anymore >: ( i can't download a lot of the songs cause the files have expired. use megaupload or something :(
The other thread was with megaupload. I think there were a few that I didn't get, though. =\ I'll post a link to it for you, Anna.



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