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listening now.


are you a lurker here? what brought you to MT?


anyway, decent song. not too crazy about the vocals. you do kinda sound like a muppet, lol. reminds me of this band kind of local to the SF bay area, "Okay". Grrrrreeaat band.


This is a busy song. Lot of layers. Did you record and produce everything? anyway, great job!

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Yeah I recorded and produced everything, just out of my shitty apartment with my shitty microphones.. Still honing my style. I have no fucking idea how to master -- that might help. Anyway thanks for the feedback


I should add that none of the sounds are synthetic. All are recorded from the real world using my handheld recorder, then pitch manipulated, chopped up, reversed, etc... some of the "synth" noises come from my doorbell, or pigeons, drum beats from my girlfriend chopping vegetables and so on... not that anyone notices this shit except for me in the end...

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