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MT YA Podcast Rises from the Ashes

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Hi All YA'll,


How's it going? I hope you're well. I've got a couple questions for all of you, and in particular everyone whose songs appeared on ye ol' MT YA Podcast. I have a spotify artist account and I'm looking to upload all 7 episodes of the podcast to spotify, itunes, everywhere etc.. But this means theoretically I could make a couple pennies off of plays. Don't really know. And of course, I am only allowed to upload original works. So, is everyone ok with me uploading the podcasts featuring all your songs? Does anyone think this is a bad idea? Do you want me to send you your share of the couple pennies?


I'll update this thread later with a complete list of every artist played. I understand a lot of you play/played in full-piece bands so it may not even be your decision to make. We'll talk.


Second question. Is anyone up for a reunion episode some day? James and I have been chatting here and there recently through FB messenger and there is so much to talk about and catch up with and listen to and play.




PS - should we come up with a better name for the podcast?

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The featured bands on Podcast 3, 4, 5, and 7 are:


stereo disconnect

blood from the air
if i if i
thom praisewater
sea lions
royal 27's
jack morgan
alpha leonis 

birds chart
liquid lunch
george woskob
james grady

faille temporaire
thomas j

oh well

how scandinavian
br00tal rainbow

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Maybe too much. I just woke up from a terrible dream. It's 4:30 am and I'm in Switzerland having just finished attending a music festival. In my dream I had returned and set up a date literally hours after landing. I had just done a hit or two of weed before the date. She immediately calls me out for being high and slow to my wits at the date. I notice two coworkers in line with us for some reason I had picked a fried chicken spot for the date. Then I notice 2 more. The sandwich is hard to hold and slipping out of my hands. I black out and I'm at my parents's house and there are randos asleep on the floor. My date is at the dinner table with my sister and some more friends. I go to her and find out there are so many more of my friends at my parents's house. I try to coax the randos to leave. They look way drugged out. My brother is near them with my mom attending to his foot which is cut or something. Somebody's talking about bleaching something... My date leaves, I try apologizing to her she says your friend Robbie is on his way (he's my best friend) and I freak out about this because he's a school teacher and why would I invite him to a weekday party and why would he come he always has to be up so early during the week! I start noticing a bunch of coworkers showing up, like people I would never invite to a party. Then like weird time warp I remember running out of the date, running through town in the dark. There were all these other men running around town. Like as if it had become normal to just get everywhere by running. And then flashback ends I am back at the house apologizing to my mom about what was happening. We're walking somewhere and I tell her nothing like this has ever happened, I don't think it's the weed. I've never blacked out and started parties on weed (not on weed alone) and she's like drugs are bad blah blah blah casually mentions she once nearly burnt a house down while on weed and I'm like no this is super fucking weird maybe I was drugged and she's like no it's probably the weed. She mentioned that I ran out of the date. I start regretting everything, my vacation in Switzerland, losing my wit to drugs, everything... Then I woke up feeling terror, checked MT, and now I'm writing this down.

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Oh I know which song it is then. Spotify away, as far as I'm concerned. That was good times, I remember doing the skype thingy in my basement. Feeling all kinds of awkward and dumb, but having fun nonetheless. Sorry I missed your call! I am new with my phone, so I miss a lot of things.

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