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Looking for a few things


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It's been awhile since I spent much time on these boards, but I am in a bit of  a Radiohead mood at the moment and thought I'd come see about adding some more live boots to my collection, as I like to have a decent live version of every album track, if possible, and have yet to bother with collecting anything from KoL or AMSP. Now the forum looks a lot different than when I was last here and it seems like the Upload and Share section is pretty inactive, so...is there somewhere else that would make more sense to make these requests? Or is it just comparatively dead now?


In any case, looking for decent sounding mp3 files of all of KoL and AMSP live, as well as wondering about the following:


*Is there a better recording of the Thom and Jonny Koko performance from back whenever that was. 2006, maybe? Or is there just the one bootleg of that out there, in which case I've got it.


*A good live recordings from the current tour of 'Let Down', 'Twisted Words', and 'I Promise'.


*Amazing Sounds of Orgy and The Daily Mail from 2012 or 2016.


*Supercollider and The Butcher (not sure if the latter has been played live?)


*Is there video of Glastonbury 2017 like there was in 1997 and 2003?


*Full setlist, both nights from Le Trianon 12/4/15 and 12/5/15



Again, apologies if there is somewhere better to post this now. It doesn't seem like there is any activity on the board, but I don't know where else makes sense.

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