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The Daily Mail (the song)

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No you are wrong and the fact that you agree with FunnyHaHa is just more proof of that.


The Daily Mail is just retread crap. It serves no purpose other than to appease Thom. It should have just been a solo song for all it's worth.


It opens up no new landscapes. It does not challenge the listener. It is dialed in crap.


I am wrong in your opinion, but correct in mine. So be it!

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Videotape is a "dopey piano ballad"?

It sure as shit ain't Let It Be.


I've been pretty honest on this board that they fucked up Videotape.


Had IR Videotape been Live Videotape, I'd be singing a different tune.


Don't change the subject, this shit's about The Daily Mail.


The song is boring and sounds like Coldplay trying to be Amnesiac Radiohead.

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Never mind, it sounds like Thom actually enjoyed the iR recording...


An interview with Mojo Magazine February 2008: "We were looking for something that had a real effect on us, an emotional impact, and that happened when we were doing 'Videotape' and I was semi kicked out of the studio for being a negative influence.


Jonny and Nigel had done this stuff to it that reduced us both to tears. It completely blew my mind. They'd stripped all the nonsense away that I'd been piling onto it, and what was left was this quite pure sentiment."

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Reading this led me to find this on utube. Wow


It's cool how this still sounds like it woulda fit on IR really well. But there's something really great about having the last song on that album be as minimal as it is.


Plus a lot of people connect to it because it's a piano ballad. That counts for something

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