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Rachel Owen, Thom's ex-partner passed away this Sunday

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I think it's an obvious mistake to make the presumption that any of the songs on AMSP have anything to do with her dying.

For all we know, she may have been diagnosed in 2016. The songs were finished a year ago.

No one knows how long she was living with cancer.

It's all kind of pointless conjecture.




It's all incomprehensibly sad regardless.

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This is very sad indeed. My cousin is likely in the final stages of her battle with cancer and it just angers

me that she's slipping away before her time.


As for Thom touring ? Why anyone would give him shit for that I do not know.

Other than that, there is nothing else to say. As I feel it's intruding on the grief of those

who knew her well.

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i'm really shocked and saddened by this news but as someone else said, i think for those in the know it's been expected for quite some time. 


i'd heard about rachel's illness about two years ago. i was on the phone to a mutual friend i have with Colin and we were talking about Tomorrow's Modern Boxes. he mentioned that she was seriously ill and it "didn't look good". that was late 2014. 


i haven't read any of the debate in this thread apart from the first comment mentioning people criticising Thom and i'm not going to read more because i'm just not into it. i think of course people's personal lives will go into albums but that doesn't mean it should be theorised. it is awful when people are ill and they die, but life goes on and especially if you're in the position of a carer or significant other, you have to make sure that it has to. for yourself, and especially for children. that's what i think from my own personal experience. but i wouldn't even start to try and think what the Yorke's are going through.


i alluded that people shouldn't theorise about this stuff in the AMSP album thread because when talk turned to speculation people had had affairs it felt very uncomfortable. this is why. and even with this announcement, people still don't know all the facts. the longevity of her illness being one that critics obviously haven't considered.



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not trying to get into the speculation game but the relationship ending, as it apparently did, while one of the parties was quite sick is really something. seems like a complicated deal that no one outside of those close to it probably has a good understanding of, and it's not something I have or ever really will think about while listening to Radiohead's music, which stands on its own. anyone who has criticized Thom for touring should probably try to wrap their heads around not knowing shit about shit, basically

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A few days have passed but I still find this really shocking. Maybe it's because the band members are in my age group, a bit extended perhaps (I am 40) and I always find it shocking to hear of someone die well before their time like that, but I think it is mostly because, being an old fan and having read countless Thom interviews where he refers to her casually, it feels really weird that that person is gone. Either way, it is so damn sad.


Earlier this week,I had this discussion with my husband about how AMSP was such a great album but I felt like it existed in a communication void. I've been around for every release since OKC (including that one) and, while its true that the promotion has been more minimal with each release, the band had never been this silent. This seemed like a big album, and the only interviews were a couple that Jonny did on the radio. And Thom was nowhere. Even with TKOL, he was out in London handing Universal Sighs to the fans and he did 1 oe 2 interviews, now nothing, Even the shows, there was minimal banter. Not even their usual "thanks for being so patient" message upon release. And two days later came this news that actually explained most of it all. 


I hope that everyone close to her can get through this. I lost my dad to cancer and I was 34 then, and it was still the saddest, scariest thing Ive ever seen, I can't possibly imagine how it looks and feels if you're a teenage kid... 

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