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Call for submissions - MT Comp 2015

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I don't know how things work any more! I use to be only a sound recorder kinda gal but the audacity of shitty new music programs bunk me up!


one time I couldn't get a damn file size down to working level for bandcramp and I had to split up after trying like 5 different ways of getting it down between like 4 diff pograms!





i'm really into the call for SUBMISSION... i'm quite the submissive!


I like a girl who can take charge and make me feel like I have no control ... make me (your) bitch, bitch!




topping from the proverbial bottom!


spanking my OWN damn bottom (and top / front!)



in the UK a fannypack is NOT something to wear or talk about!


oh god?


put him in the boot!


(of the car!)


[then make him lick shit!]

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Just use reaper, it's good

any word on how to get a logic style encironment up in that thing?


in logic I used to make my own macros where I could automate fx params with params of other fx /tempo etc


there was also a fun scale transposition macro that doesnt work quite as well in reaper


any tips? when I do get my computer back..

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