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MT Drawing Challenge. New Theme: "A Secret"

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Aw guys :< I think mine is gonna be hard to find an angle I can manage to draw but I'm still excited to try! I say even if you don't know how to draw something perfect you can sit down for like 15 minutes and sketch out a rough vague idea so that even if you don't ever realize it to the extent you would like to realize it's potential, it will still be fun to show everyone where your head was at for 15 minutes!


I say less judging and more drawing shit no matter how rough the sketch you show how about it!

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Aww why?


oh... i was only trying to say that i'll be pretty busy during the latter half of december and most of january (packing/moving/finding a new place) i probably won't have a lot of time to visit MT for a while is all. i really don't want to stop drawing, though, even if it takes me an embarrassing amount of time to start/finish anything these days : s but i could still update this thread for anyone interested!



i havent draw a shit yet and i dont feel capable of doingso i'm afraid i won't make it (in time??/ever.) again. ban the internet


: /


but yeah, i feel ya, even though i'll always ~believe~ in you


(and, seriously, sorry if it felt like i was being pushy at some point)

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