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made a list of my Super Right Ons today basically just doodles of things i really like-- click here for bigger

No one's posted here in a rather long time...hm...       Just a silly little something.

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AFUSfg ok

This is all I'm posting because it's pretty much all I have

I was forced to make a book for some charity for African children to help them learn. I did colors and animals, I cropped out the words because then all of the images would have been fucking huge

You can tell which ones I did last because I started getting pissed off and putting grass and trees over parts of them so I wouldn't have to do the whole animal














I typically don't draw like this though, mostly I do pen stuff like the scribbly backgrounds. I pretty much haven't drawn anything since then, did these in March of last year. They irk me because none of them are as completed as I would've liked them to be but whatever, drawing's not really my thing anymore


whoa these are amazing

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growing up i always loved to draw. i was pretty terrible at it but it was a nice outlet for me. i spent a lot of time drawing cartoon figures or large scenes with lots of small characters. none of them were ever any good because i dont really have any natural ability. i stopped drawing after middle school. i decided in the last month that it was something i wanted to pick back up and actually learn and improve at. i'm still not really sure waht the fuck i'm doing but i'm trying to pick up bits and pieces across the internet to help me get better. probably a pipe dream, but maybe i'll have something to contributed one day.

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