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G. Green East Coast tour August 2014

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figured i should put this here, yknow why not.  come hang at a show, say hi, etc.


G. Green tour vol. 6, east coast edition. We'll have copies of our new LP "Area Codes" (coming soon on Mt. St. Mtn.) for sale. My dad had this to say about the new full length:

"after cutting their teeth in the basements and bars of Sacramento, a myriad of self booked jaunts around the US, 4 or 5 7" releases, an LP and going thru damn near every Sacto player worth their salt, G. Green finally got their shit together. a stable line up made up of GG originators Andrew Diamond Henderson & Liz Liles, no longer newcomers Mike Morales (now near legendary in Oakland for his role in Baus & Puzzled) & Simi Sohota (aka new age provocateur Healing Potpourri) miraculously stuck around long enough to share in creating what is definitely the best G. Green record yet. It's called Area Codes. a record about moving and staying still, wanting and not wanting. girls n shit. It comes to you on a 12" platter courtesy of Mt. St. Mtn, purveyors of everything you've come to expect from California Rock AND Roll in the 10's."


here we are playing live on KEXP in Seattle last year, all these songs are on the forthcoming LP and make up the bulk of our current live set

tour dates:

8/5 Raleigh, NC @ Slim's w/ Winston Facials, Shitty Boots

8/6 Richmond, VA @ the Cales House w/ the Cales, Oxidents, Teen Mist, Coteries 

8/7 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar w/ Expert Alterations, Emily Ferrara

8/8 Philadelphia, PA @ Bourbon & Branch w/ Meddlesome Bells, Drop Anchor, Andalusia

8/9 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby's Alright w/ Shockwave Riderz, Places to Hide, Black Pony

8/11 Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern

8/12 Montreal, QC @ l'Escogriffe Cafe w/ El Napoleon, Melted Faces

8/13 Detroit, MI TBA

8/14 Chicago, IL @ the Burlington w/ the Man, Yeesh, Jollys

8/15 Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon St. w/ Cheater Slicks, Bugmen, the Down-Fi

8/16 Louisville, KY @ the Mackin Institute w/ Bad Star, The Spurts 

8/17 Atlanta, GA @ the Earl w/ Dasher, Hip to Death
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well if you guys already tried all the spots, im not sure what i could throw together! there's this one place Muchmore's that is very low-key (every time i play i can't tell who's in charge), it's usually pretty easy to jump on a bill there if you guys really need something but if you wanna just hang out, you should do that. but if you want the contact info let me know. you might have tried it already anyway though.

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cool shit
were you guys playing during the 11th-14thish of july by any chance? would be kinda disappointed if I'd missed that while I'd dropped by sacro before the 15th
but also
how hard was it to get all this stuff together?
straight line of tours through the states/various cities and whatnot
aside from claremont and i guess a couple of places in simi valley/possibly around los angeles I've had a hard time findin shows to book (as support act or otherwise) in california alone, much less the country
but yeah, good luck in any case

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parklol: been doin this a long time now so contacts are relatively easy to come by. in CA we don't really try to play anywhere besides Bay Area/LA. we've talked about doing like smaller town west coast tour but instead try to use the time to go outside of our home state. we don't rly play sac much so no u did not miss us. ty for caring tho and if ur band need show in sac u can email me ahennn at gmail dot com

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