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i'm sad i dropped the ball on this


please remind me who i said i'd send this to??


marcos?  liz?


damn i'm a dildo




anyway we're broke as anything atm but I AM THINKING ABT SENDING THESE OUT FINALLY 



mostly cos i wanna work on a new one





you can read some poems  here

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i had a copy of this in my kitchen drawer and its funny rgrs mom read it w/out permission then asked if she could have one and i felt Extremely Uncomfortable w her reading it but she had already read it so i said


well sure since you've already read it but


it really bothers me she read it w out asking i mean

i was def not planning on showing my mom ever

and now she's got it

not my mom

and keeps complimenting me

and the more she compliments it the more i feel weird and

i just rly wish she hadnt snooped in the drawer i mean there was no reason for her to be in that drawer there was prob drug paraphenalia in there as well and

i'm trying to get over it but cant really like just dont snoop in my drawers/read my shit ugh


but i mean she liked it so thats good but idk man i could poop on a wall and shed be like i dont understand but GREAT

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dang, nice thread to see your name mentioned in. i said i wanted to participate but yeah the costs / distance / stress of daily life / etc. make it all really understandable. i'm kinda going though a similar situation at the moment, to be honest.

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