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Mortigi Tempo Compilation 2013

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I created a beat and synth for my song on my Vita, but the software is kind of a pain. I like my work, though. Will record it onto my computer tonight maybe, and then add everything else.


Edit: I forgot to save and it's mostly lost. =(


Edit 2: Reprogrammed it, and it's better anyway.

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Anyway, the compilation is effectively sealed now. If you haven't sent me a track or your name isn't on the pending submissions list in the OP then you will be a mere listener. As of right now there are 10 pending submissions, I've got 14 tracks on the compilation so far, so assuming all 10 users on the list send me a track then that'll make the compilation 24 tracks in length. Does anybody think that's too much? Should I split it in half? Also, I still don't have any artwork for the compilation and I'm still open to suggestions for a title.



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I just checked, the compilation so far isn't all that long, despite the numerous tracks it still comes in at under 40 minutes as most of the tracks on it are pretty short. If the finished compilation exceeds 70 minutes then I may split it in half, otherwise it should be okay.

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even if it is 70min it might still be a good idear to split it


i don't know...


somehow 2 more "digestible" halves makes it seem groovier


more FUN!


less pun!



who will end up on the phantom 3rd disk / BONUS EP!


we will see!


feat. the remix / mashup of EVERYONE on the compf!




if only...



need to start working on my damn track!

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