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mt battle of the bands 2012 sign-up/general discussion

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ok guys, i realize i've been a bit unclear so far with dates and deadlines, and there have been some people who've wished to participate but didn't follow up with me sending me an email address. ii've also been hella busy with work lately, but i'm going to do this since i committed to! sorry to those who emailed/PMed me without a response.


so, i've updated the first post that will hopefully clarify a few things, i've pushed back the deadline a bit in the interest of getting some more participants in this thang. i'm going to delete my other posts itt so as to avoid confusion.

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one poster hasn't yet gotten back to me, he submitted a track but he didn't enable downloading on soundcloud. how's this, if i don't hear from him by tomorrow, i'll just post a link to his soundcloud and we can proceed. i submitted the rest of the trax to ihggy, he said he'd upload em to his site within the next day or two. so probably by tomorrow, your mooksness.

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it's gonna take me a bit longer than i expected b/c lots of people submitted .wavs and .m4a and the like and i gotta go through and convert them all. plus gotta restructure all these folders!


i was gonna try something new but instead i am just gonna use the exact same structure as the last BOTBs i did.


this motherfucker next to me is chewing so goddamn loud, salad, has ranch dressing around his mouth and is not wiping it off.

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