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mt battle of the bands 2012 sign-up/general discussion

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oh yeah i forgot about the logistics.


- i think i liked the idea that the material should be new. and i don't think i can personally submit more than three new songs, that's a lot of time and work. - i'd say also, no more than 10 days to vote.

- think the last battle had a different format than the preceding ones, and i seem to recall that the older format was more successful.

- other than that, ... it's hard to get people to commit to voting, even more so on every song. even as a voter, it's not always easy to find the time to listen, re-listen, compare and vote. maybe a score system? i don't know... might be worth it to look into how other BOTBs are done, do you know any? maybe it would be worth it to look at other disciplines, maybe sports even.


it took me a while to find interest in participating in a BOTB. i have to say i am mostly interested in the fact that it puts me in a position where i have to get shit done, because i have been frustratingly dragging my feet to work on most of my projects. but the idea of battling is weiiiiird, and maybe that's why it's hard to sustain people's interest. the further into the battle, the harder it is to vote, i find. comparing songs is nuts, we don't go the same directions, don't have the same equipment... but it's doable to vote, i've done it. but the arguments behind my decision rely on my mood of the moment and other random shit.


maybe we should ask ourselves why we want to do a battle, what we get out of it. it might enable voters to commit more. it seems a bit pointless the way it is, as an outside observer, coz what's the outcome really, once you know who won, it's like the hokey pokey, there's nothing more to it. ramble ramble.


so ruby and thomas, why do you want to battle?????


also i would really love it if we could do live stuff again, podcast style, or even some sort of live battle (we would record one take then submit). mrow...

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could we have a BOTB focused on live songs, d'you think? one take, some tweakage allowed maybe, then submit

i also think the (Skype) podcasts were great - i'd love to do it again. we shouldn't think we can't because no James and Kaf. we have PATRICK... just kidding, it's not that hard logistically, except time zones and commitment.

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i'd prefer it if the focus was audio only, but i'd be down to adding a video component at some point in a different battle, costumes and body language are a part of live performance after all, that opens the door to so many possibilities, the sky is the divot.

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