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I know everyone here are all happy and excited for the 2 new songs, but I've been seeing that some of us use the number eleven to rank a 10/10 song... so I was wondering what songs do u consider as 11 songs?


Maybe some of u may say that Identikit is awesome (which I really think too) but we dont even know how it will sound at the end when they release it on LP9 or some single


11= songs that dont seem to be of this world


for me this is my 11 list



Paranoid android

The national anthem

Weird fishes


There there

All I need


I didnt use this parameter of 11 when ranked them on other topics xD

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punchdrunk lovesick singalong

paranoid android

the tourist

kid a

how to disapear completely

morning bell (kid a version)

pyramid song

like spinning plates

life in a glass house

the amazing sounds of an orgy

sail to the moon

go to sleep

all i need








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airbag's a great call.


i'd go with:


let down


paranoid android



weird fishes



all i need, knives out, sail to the moon, there there come close.


you know what song i think is musically underrated? where i end and you begin. it's really tight. maybe the repetitive ending knocks it off the top perch.

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