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Combing "Amnesiac" and "Kid A"?

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1. How to disappear completely

2. National Anthem

3. Knives Out

4. Dollars and Cents

5. Packed like Sardines in a tin Can

6. Optimistic

7. In Limbo

8. Pyramid song

9. Morning Bell

10.Life in a Glass house


I'd swap MPS for TNA, LSP for LIAGH, and IMBW for Packt. Of course then you would have to change the order around.

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01 the national anthem

02 i might be wrong

03 knives out

04 morning bell

05 how to disappear completely

06 dollars and cents

07 fog

08 optimistic

09 in limbo


i've been really liking this, first version of kid amnesiac i've made that i've come back to multiple times. i highly recommend giving it a shot, and maybe even giving me some feedback on the flow of it. first 5 tracks are pretty much set in stone, i'm unsure about the stretch after it. here's how it looks now:


01 the national anthem

02 i might be wrong

03 knives out

04 morning bell

05 how to disappear completely

06 dollars and cents

07 pyramid song

08 fog

09 optimistic

10 in limbo

11 everything in its right place


still tinkering. might have to cut pyramid song altogether much to my dismay.


also gonna try to make a part 2, but not until i'm 100% satisfied with this one.

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hey guys do you like my tracklist


01. Everything In Its Right Place

02. Kid A

03. The National Anthem

04. How To Disappear Completely

05. Treefingers

06. Optimistic

07. In Limbo

08. Idioteque

09. Morning Bell

10. Motion Picture Soundtrack

11. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box

12. Pyramid Song

13. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors

14. You And Whose Army?

15. I Might Be Wrong

16. Knives Out

17. Amnesiac/Morning Bell

18. Dollars & Cents

19. Hunting Bears

20. Like Spinning Plates

21. Life In A Glass House

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I think Kid A is perfect as is. Also the Kid A/Amnesiac era has amazing b-sides, some are much better than what made it to the Amnesiac record so instead of playing along to this thread I'll deviate a little and correct Amnesiac instead.


You could argue Amnesiac was a b-side album and in parts it definitely feels like it. This one is in serious need of a rearrangement imho and the b-sides from the era definitely allow it. I cut off Like Spinning Plates completely, it's a nice trick how they did it but as a stand alone song it's annoying. Wish they had made a studio version similar to the IMBW live version. On the good side I added Fog and Worrywort which are among the best songs of the era and it's a transvestite that they didn't include them in the album but clear b-side material like Morning Bell/Amnesiac and Pulk/Pull did.


Anyhow, here's my improved and corrected version of Amnesiac. Try it out, you'll see it improves the album immensely.



Amnesiac (The Word of the Lord version)


1. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box
2. Pyramid Song
3. You and Whose Army
4. I Might Be Wrong
5. Fog
6. Cutooth
7. Worrywort
8. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
9. Kinetic
10. Life in a Glasshouse

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  1. Kid A
  2. The National Anthem
  3. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
  4. You and Whose Army?
  5. Idioteque
  6. How to Dissapear Completley
  7. In Limbo
  8. Hunting Bears
  9. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors
  10. I Might Be Wrong
  11. Pyramid Song

I'm starting to enjoy Amnesiac more then Kid A. Atleast for the time being.

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I can't do this. It's like choosing various chapters out of two separate but stylistically related novels by the same author and saying "this is the best possible novel you can create from these two novels. It's The Ultimate Novel" and as an English major and RH nerd I'm totally opposed to this [/unable to have fun]

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i can't do this either, but for different reasons. i don't see a plot in an album, so the issue is not to keep albums contained. this rearranging is just work, to try and achieve some subjective improvement, but in the end, you're stripping the radiohead from it, you make it yours. if radiohead put it like that, there is no other way to take it. same goes for anybody else's art, i think. if you don't call me up to collaborate, i don't see why I would have to intervene. and it looks like torturous work!

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While on vacation this week I found too much time on my hands.  I wanted to revisit the 0's and 1's theory about OKC/IR but instead found myself revisitng Kid A/Amnesiac.  I started remembering comments about it being recorded in one session, originally slated as one album, Thom rearranged the track sequence several times, etc.  So I decided to set out to find my own tracklist using the 0/1 theory and 10 sec crossfade method.  I personally found there to be better track transitions in this playlist than there are in OKC/IR.  While not all transitions are great (the first one being my least favorite), I think some sound intentional.


1. Packt Like Sardines In a Crushed Tin Box

2. Everything In Its Right Place

3. Pyramid Song

4. Kid A

5. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors

6. The National Anthem

7. You and Whose Army?

8. How to Disappear Completely

9. I Might Be Wrong

10. Treefingers

11. Knives Out

12. Optimistic

13. Morning Bell/Amnesiac

14. Dollars & Cents

15. In Limbo

16. Hunting Bears

17. Like Spinning Plates

18. Idioteque

19. Morning Bell

20. Life in a Glasshouse

21. Motion Picture Soundtrack


I started by alternating tracks (because that's how sardines are packt in a crushed tin box).  While I'm not crazy about the transition between 1/2, I do feel like the transition from 2/3 sounds well timed.  3/4 may be my favorite transition with the 10 sec crossfade.  To me, it sounds like a spaceship taking off and then slowly buzzing back in (I know, I'm weird).  4/5 again sounds well timed.  I think that the outro here was specifically created to intro into another song.  5/6 again sounds well timed.  6/7 also well timed.  Again the deconstruct at the end of National Anthem is followed by a weird bridge that seems to play well into the vocal start of You and Whose Army. 7/8 is another well timed transition.  I like how 7 slows down into the slow start of 8.  8/9 and 9/10 well timed.  I had read somewhere that Treefingers is somewhat of a "flip the vinyl track" to separate the "2 sides".  I found this fitting for it to be right in the middle.  Beyond this point I stopped alternating every other track as some transitions didn't sound right.  Although, I do really like the way Knives Out sounds right after Treefingers. 11/12 well timed.  12/13 is another transition I'm not crazy about, but I left it because I really liked the way some of the remaining transition sound.  13/14 is the first time I didn't alternate the tracks.  Again, because I liked the way it sounded already and to help keep subsequent tracks in a particular order.  14/15 is an ok transition.  It almost sounds like too much time between tracks.  I really like the transition from 15/16 because I think the noise at the end of In Limbo kinda sounds like growling bears so fitting that this guitar part that sneaks in is called Hunting Bears. (Again, I know, I'm really weird).  16/17 is another natural transition as they appear on Amnesiac.  I really like the way the Like Spinning Plates transitions into Idioteque.  The weird electronic sounds link together quite nicely.  18/19 have a very obvious transition between them as they appear on Kid A so I didn't think there was a reason to separate them in this playlist.  19/20 is well timed.  The beginning of Life in a Glasshouse kinda sounds like a morning bell or an awakening from a dream back into reality.  20/21 again well timed.  It seemed wrong to use Life in a Glasshouse for the last track of the album vs. Motion Picture Soundtrack especially since MPS has the long break before the end of the track.


I don't feel like this playlist is perfect so if you try it out and find a better fit, let me know.  Enjoy!

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