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Radiohead to play for Wall St. protestors today?


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Gawker is reporting the following rumor:

The Occupy Wall Street protesters camped out in Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park are buzzing over a big secret musical guest scheduled to play this afternoon at around 4pm. We hear that it’s Radiohead, who are in New York for a couple concerts.

It makes sense: Radiohead’s lead singer Thom Yorke has a 
 of lefty anti-globalization protest. What do you think: Are the millionaires from Radiohead authentic enough to be the bards of revolution? They’re certainly capable of mobilizing people: When their New York show sold out in minutes they almost caused a 
Twitter riot.

Hmmmm… Again this is just a rumor. Stay tuned…



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Update: Radiohead’s PR firm just Tweeted that “RADIOHEAD IS NOT PLAYING WALL STREET TODAY nor were they ever confirmed to do so.” So, there you go. Bummer if you already called in sick to work. You can still go protest, I guess.
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