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TKOL From The Basement – your impressions

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Boring. I think Radiohead is old for this fast tempo. Do not get angry, I expected a lot this show. TKOL has become my second favorite album and wanted to hear live. In Rainbows is an album that I did not like much, it's very depressing for me, but the session From The Basement is perfect. The songs take an incredible force, which does not happen with TKOL.


This is my first impression. Anyway I know that will shortly be listening over and over...





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definitely agree that they need to (if they do) tour with a horn section. (plus that would open up the chance that they could do life in a glass house live, and maybe even add a horn section to you andwhose army?)


anyway, this is seriously good stuff.



am i imagining things, or is there a picture floating around of jonny on a two piece drum set, from like 2 years ago?? i´ll look for it in the picture thread.


where is supercollider? and present tense? there was a screen shot of "present tense." that one must be good as hell....maybe they are gonna do another single release of staircase, daily mail and present tense at some point. and (yeah, greedy), maybe one more song? haha, either way, i am such a happy radiohead fan right now. especially since my newspaper came last week..... :rolleyes:

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That was no ''Present Tense'', what he saw was a giant dick.


i was referring to this



but yeah, looking at the font that is used in that picture, its not real...


supercollider though...still waiting on that...


and i also forgot to mention in my earlier post of my first impression, that i am really happy i didn´t listen to the stuff on youtube before tkol came out (daily mail, supercollider, all the thom acoustic stuff). then when stuff like the daily mail comes out, i really enjoy it...i did that with in rainbows and when the cd came out,i already had heard pretty much everything. this is also making my tkol experience better,


feral kicks major bootay!

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