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Battle of the Bands 2011 Compilation and general feedback thread

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Battle of the Bands 2011 Compilation









1. Count+Step - Placeholder

2. Pixel Still - Voyeurs

3. Let Us Dine -A Little Child

4. How To Fake A Sick - Oh Well

5. A Noose & A Fiddle - The Toy

6. Tuesday - Sea Lions

7. Blue - Ruby Smooch

8. Meet Me I Am Japanese - Kyriakos Ioannou

9. Towards The End - Oreon

10. High On Youor Love - Blackjacket

11. Call Me Out - Faille Temporaire

12. 5/15ths - Dinosaur Foot Trap

13. Autotune - Liquid Lunch

14. Heart Ache & Cigarettes - Ever Somber

15. Spring - Tristan

16. I Talked To The Devil - The Slave Trade






1. Let's All Go To The Gas Station - Yr Nyghbyrs

2. Our Games Float - Moon Bear

3. Yellow Dust - Dorcia

4. Adrift - Fallen Parrot

5. Japaneas Miniature - 7aside

6. Track 1 - Stereo Disconnect

7. Human Suffering - Tommy Praisewater

8. I'll Be Around - Roger Mindwater

9. Coronal, Bilateral, Axial. 2 - Pignoah

10. Dark Angel - AB4F

11. Shunting Me Into The Wallpaper - Emoticonman

12. Rat Trap - Cris Brackenridge

13. Futura - George Woskob

14. Bryophyte - How Scandinavian

15. XXV - Kettu



And yeah how u all think the year went..? Anything youd like to change next year..


i think yeha it went on a little long but i mean not everyone has songs and you want as many ppl as possible to take part. Maybe i shuda been firmer on deadlines to make it snappy.


And general high fiving the toy thread.



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aaaah thanks tristan, for everything. i had forgotten about dorcia, among others.


as for feedback, i'm wondering what's been the biggest issue, and thinking voter participation. as a voter, i sometimes didn't have the time to go through all the songs for each match. we've already talked about changing that. i don't know the proportion of people who would be in favour.


we had lots of good music. i felt a little overwhelmed, and i'm glad to have the compilation, it will enable me to listen to the songs in a more relaxed manner. george mentioned that he would leave the page up on his site. which means all the songs will remain available. that's good news too.

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I'm guessing some people wouldn't allow their songs in this compilation?


How To Fake Sick and A Noose & A Fiddle were major highlights for me and they're not on here! Anyway to download them separately?

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