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MT Battle of the Bands 2011 Round 1, Match 11: Whitewash vs Setalp Gninnips Ekil

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  1. 1. what song do you like the most?

    • the devil is tempting me with racist puns. (whitewash)
    • i'll soon be around to roger your nips!

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Poll Closed


Whitewash 21 Setalp Gninnips Ekil 22




The Slave Trade - I Talked to the Devil



Setalp Gninnips Ekil

Roger Mindwater - I'll Be Around



alternately the links for all the songs are found on this page




Or a Download to all the tracks




Vote for the song you like more. Any alias votes will be caught by the powers that be and we will obliterate your existence. As the tournament goes on, please vote based on all the songs the poster has submitted so far. Of which there will be five. Did you know that slavery was abolished in the united arab emirates in 1963. Wow.

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roger seriously reminding of dylan here. but nicer voice.


i do like whitewash's song very much too, but dang, roger!


Definitely a Dylan vibe. Great lyrics too. I wasn't really feeling it until the "You're the door creaking in my mouth" line, then it sort of falls into place.


With Whitewash, the song was more immediate and really created a nice mood. It has that nursery-rhyme "twinkle twinkle little star" loveliness/comfort factor.


Fuck knows tbh.


Edit: Yeah went with Whitewash in the end. Just really well performed and sounds great at loud volumes. Peaceful. The guitar work adds a lot aswell.

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yeah at first listen listen i didnt really think much of either track but this is really hard now.


love the guitar in whitewashes and the nursey rhyme kind of vibe..


rogers is just so nostalgic and has this eerie feel to it thats just so addictive..



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Guest A little 'Twisted'

Whitewash - this song is beautiful. Really love piano atm, however much it's used in a song. Love the harmonies with the backing vocals too. If anything, this song is too short, I was in my own little world whilst listening to it and then I realised it had just faded out on me.


Roger - Not a massive fan of this one but the guitar has some nice melodies and the singing's pretty good too. Harmonica has never been my thing though, so ulitmately..


the vote goes to whitewash!

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hey man, what'd that guy mean up there when he said "moothie"?


Mouth organ. Harmonica. It's what we call them here in Scotland.


Most Scottish dialects bend "mouth" into "mooth", or even further into "moo" in some places up in the North-East.

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it just made me want a smoothie.


i can't understand this moothie hate in here. c'mon, it's got that perfect melancholy, earthy, simple tone to it. maybe i don't mooth as good as i could, but as far as i'm concerned, it's better than no moothing at all.


Awww shut yer mooth. Thir's nae an awfae lot o' moothie hate, jist one wee baw-heid. An' he wiznae ge'in ye jip, he wiz jist tellin' ye whit he thoucht.

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