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Battle of the Covers 2010

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it's weird how despite starting off as a worldwide competition among "radiohead fans," what we're ultimately looking at here is a showdown between two people who live in the same apartment

there should really be a live webcast with them going speaker v. speaker style

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guys, I've been under some incredible mt-lethargy, produced by a bit of depression or something. I can't seem to do anything here that's related to anything I'm responsible for. some mod stuff sure but that doesn't take effort.


so that pretty much means YA. I've had a number of ambitions for this place. there were a number of days where I thought it would be the rest time to make a thread announcing "kafka's crazy week of vigilant MT art feedback - bump yr threads" but I lost the will, and a few things got in the way.


for this, BOTC 2010, I wanted to prepare a couple things before announcing it, and I'm not sure it's exactly the right thing to do, but this year has ended in a shared win between claire and patrick. congratulations to both.


now I'm supposed to do the compilation, and I'm not sure how many of you have sent me your new song for the compilation, or told me which one to enter from what I already have. there's a chance I can't remember what your song was (I must have it tho, I just don't know if I can remember where to look for it).



it comes down to me not being the right person to being this right now, doesn't it?



also, a poll should've been put up about when to start the battle of the bands 2011. subconsciously I've been delaying it because I'm on the verge of a nice run of recording, and without that I don't have much to submit. and so that's pretty shitty to be holding it up for that. I've been meaning to make that poll for a while, "when do you want it to start? - tomorrow, a week, a month" and to keep in mind that it would actually start at least a month from the posting of the official thread--- a month to get songs in, and ihggy's website up.



it really does come down to, who else will do what I normally do here? all gratitude from me to whoever takes over.



ps - and jesus christ I've bought the goddamn nice microphone, why can't I get a clean recording finally for fuck's sake? I just want a nice clean recording of my amp. I can take that it won't have the same tone that I hear in the room as I get in the mic, but please what is this static air and other bullshit you're still adding? I want to be rid of that already. takes so many days to get to it, and I can't get any further once I'm finally there.

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how about you just keep taking care of yourself, regardless of your commitment to MT, and delegate some things like the compilation or the battle? you're a great mod, but you've been so much more than that too! spoiling us, listening to tons of material and leaving accurate feedbacks, and much much more.

personally, i'm not ready for the BOTB, but i bet tons of people are, and if they have the motivation, they'll make it happen. i'm sure they will. i don't see a problem with YA being under a more withdrawn modding for some time. i haven't seen you post as often but there's been tons of new material lately, and there's been feedback, discussions, interesting ideas.

the battles don't have to be that regular. maybe we could have BOTB 2 or 3... so the pressure of time isn't there so much anymore. or we could have a thread where people who want to participate in it could indicate so, and once there is enough people, then make it happen?

we have tons of resources and people in YA. people who are willing to give, share, and have a good time. things will be ok. to say the least. i haven't listened to much stuff either lately, but i need that break, and there's no reason why you don't deserve a break too. you're a goddamn musician, and knowing that you're on a roll with your recording is great to hear. you stick to it.


and the microphone thing, big FUCK YEAH. what the hell. i have been so frustrated lately with that. i've got some great advice from brian/athalon and i may ask a couple of questions to george, whose sound is always so crisp. but it's a challenge for sho


this battle of the covers was great! congrats to pat and claire indeed!


also, big hug. and hang the fuck in there.

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final or temporary mix of my second submission

(i find it LOUD -- please BEWARE -- i must have something off, because it sounded super faint while i was playing around with it)




pls let me know if the link works on your end

y'know, I just looked all around that song and your profile and I couldn't figure out how to download the song. I'm not sure soundclick let's a visitor download songs? I know I've downloaded songs from my own soundclick page before, but yeah, can't seem to get your song here.


can you try a different website? mediafire? something?


and a really big thanks for what you wrote above ^~^

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