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Battle of the Covers 2010

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Guest A little child

I'm closing these tomorrow night. make sure you have your round 2 songs, guys. I'll want those by wednesday night or thursday morning.



oooh goooooood, for you.

I don't have to worry about that right?


Seeing as I'm down like 8 to 1 :lol:

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for everyone who won and still owes me a round 2 song: let's get round 2 songs in by thursday evening. if you don't, we'll re-use your round 1 song. unless that's too unfair and we should keep waiting. you tell me. but, without objections, we're going by re-use round 1 for stragglers.



I don't have to worry about that right?


Seeing as I'm down like 8 to 1 :lol:

you don't have to, but anyone who lost in round 1 gets to record another cover for the compilation, or send in the one they already have, or send in the pre-emptive second round cover they might have done a long time ago.

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Round 2 line-up:


kafka v. Mooks

Who Throws a Shoe? v. Ihggy

ruffa v. Tristan

justcleezy v. Moon Bear



do you mean this thursday? unfortunately i won't be home till monday. if this is this thursday i'll record some song on a guitar, but i didn't wanna do this, I REALLY DIDN'T WANNA DO THIS.

yes, it's supposed to be this thursday. do you want an extension? until monday? or would you need until tuesday? that's a pretty big wait time and I'd imagine there wouldn't be much majority support for it. in fact, I have to say I think it's unfair to everyone who did two songs to begin with. so, yeah, thursday night, friday afternoon at the latest. good luck! sincerely.

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