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Battle of the Covers 2010

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OK, I like many have been swamped. I have made recordings of some covers, but i'm not happy with the quality and would like a re-do. If this thing still hasn't kicked off, I'd like until the end of the weekend to submit my covers.

sounds reasonable to me. we're missing a lot of people, and I don't see why deadlines should take priority over having a bigger number of participants.


let's take an actual look at the numbers of haves and missings. I'm going to pm all the missing musicians and see how many we could possibly still get.



(-) - missing

box (most likely) - missing

Brian - missing

chris. - missing

cleezy - have

cuckoo cuckoo - missing

dolly - missing

ihggy - have

(Into The Sun) - missing

kafka - missing (but coming soon)

laughatweakness - missing (but coming soon)

mooks - have

otanachos - missing

ruffa - missing

ryan - have

tayne (kzufolo) - missing

thomas j (maybe) - missing

tristan - have


5 haves

13 missings


out of the 13 missings,

2 are on the way for sure

3 were already maybe's anyway

leaving 8 totally unaccounted for


and notables not participating that I can think of with the short amount of time I have to recollect: Badman, athalon, bunnycat, james, foodcourt, roger, janel. and more.

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i dont want to be any more dramatic in here lol, its not that i think my stuff is so bad its just old and kind of sloppy, editing issues. probably everyone's stuff is going to be fancy and thoughtful, i don't have much experience, when i've nailed a cover it's a lucky moment and all the art i pour into my vocals is hard to make clear without talking about it which should never really be done. also i have a difficult time applying my usual guitar style to a cover, ad have a hard time breaking out of that. when i do try to it's just messy and i dont have the feel good drive feelings it takes to labor over it. i thought i'd do something plugged cause i enjoy that lately/easier to get into but im just not even if i'd had one back home. november you sucked. but so in some ways i am probably better off submitting early stuff, but i don't have a lot of it and have almost nothing current cover-wise.


theres my cool story pretty cool

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yr stuff is always cool! but that sound slike something i'd do! you shsould hear my new prince cover(s), thats a great example of my inability to hold a verse in mind, if i wasnt so obviously drunk in them id submit one



i dont care that much today, who knows when this is even happenig!


ill deal tho

like a fool in a wheelchairr

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