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Battle of the Covers 2010

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It's been a year. Not much guideline to set up here:


-->just announce that you're in this thing, using this thread. I'll keep a running list of names.


-->Have a cover for each new round. If you make it all the way to the final round, that will probably take 4 or 5 covers. I think.


-->No worry about claiming a cover song; you can do the same song someone else is.


-->Remixes welcome.



Get songs in to me by Nov. 26

unless there are any significant objections.







Potential Participants:


box (most likely)



cuckoo cuckoo



(Into The Sun)






tayne (kyle zufolo)

(thomas j)





Real Participants:


Round 1

Into the Sun v. Kafka

Otanachos v. Mooks

Who Throws a Shoe v. Ryan

Ihggy v. a little child

Cartwheels v. Ruffa

Brian v. Tristan

Thomas J v. justcleezy

Moon Bear v. ed nog



Round 2

Kafka v. Mooks

Who Throws a Shoe v. ihggy

Ruffa v. Tristan

justcleezy v. Moon Bear



Semi Finals

Mooks v. ihggy

Tristan v. justcleezy

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can a remix count as a cover? commme on. cs i dont wana sing

remixes are allowed


YO here's what i think is a good idea:


make everyone start with TWO tracks submitted (but only one to go up the first round).


that way we wont end up waiting for people to get shit in (hopefully), and will be prepared for forfeitures, etc. everyone will basically be a week ahead.

great that you're in! and rule adopted

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whoa remixes are allowed? i mean i guess if it gets more entries, but still remix aint a cover

if a song is remixed too little, we'll tell that not enough is different and it'll be kind of laughable. but if it's remixed to the point of putting one's seal on it, that kind of an art will be fucked up or successful on its own rights.


also, it's about inclusion.

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I like for everyone to feel welcome in your art. a remix is something that invests time and takes art. if it's not about that, legitimacy, then might it be about advantage? because I'd trust voters to take everything into account, and simply vote on which was the better work of art.


and it's exciting to imagine what remixes mters would come up with. so, at the risk of being too controlling about it, I'd like to say that's the decision for this thing. remixes welcome.

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can you extend deadline by a week or even just a few/several days, then i could prepar somethin here and i go home on the 20th and could actually be able to do a nice job :(, othergwise i will just submit some stufffrom when i first started playing hahahhahaaaaa, aw nah they r cute



done deal, cleeze


What the hell? Count me in.

hell yeah!

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