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What MT Artists and Musicians Are You Checking Out at the moment?

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Zach, I could imagine you coming into my studio when you're a budding singer songwriter and I'm a budding producer and you'd play this demo for me and I'd say, "Brilliant, but why do you make it sound

box - Box and his Cardboard Friends

yeah, but sometimes what yr listening to is a first listen and you can't yet say it's in your favorites and maybe it won't be. and sometimes you're not actually listening to it at that time so you don't post there.


I don't know. maybe this'll just sink down and be forgotten. especially since I did just pin the what are listening to thread.


oh, this one includes visual artists! that's a plus, right?

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how about just a general "what mt artists are you digging?" thread to realplace both/


im just thinkin we dont have that many posters in here, even though it is doig well lately. best not to spread ourselves too thin.

perfect sense. beginning merger.

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after a good old smoky vacation, podcast 5 people are on my list. need to find who they were now..

patrick (first live song) was ihggy - his largely solo project is handglops. then he's been in tons of bands, newest one is the enchantments.


then there was george, who is badman on mt, and records under george woskob.


next was roger, who records under mindwater, and out, and his latest mt name is microphone.


for songs we had ggreen (who was known as cab or cabinetlanguage on mt, but left a while ago).


and you. but you know who you are. and then thomas j, whose name on mt currently is... sonic the hedgehog. I don't know, really. but he records under thomas j, or earlier in his career, thomas j and the antennaheadz (or some variation of that ).


hope you got everything :)

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