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MT Battle of the Bands 2010

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yo, patrick, get on skype if you want to be on this mt podcast. zach_ferguson



nah nah, the "Said they'll join" list is comprised of people who should all reasonably send something in. I think every name you mentioned has a good chance of sending them in. And if anyone's running late, we'd wait.


feel free to hassle them just to make sure though. I support that entirely.

on skype? like now?

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everyone who hasn't sent in, if you can't get it in until wednesday, don't worry. you're not kicked out.


we'll wait until wednesday tuesday for you. and probably thursday wednesday.


past that, either send in something from a back catalog on thursday wednesday. or yr out of luck.



edit- only four bands left who haven't sent in. I'm pretty sure we'll get all 25.



man, I messed up. for some absolutely bizarre reason I thought the 12th was tuesday. which meant today is tuesday. but today is definitely not tuesday, but instead, monday.


so get your song in tomorrow if it's not ready today. get it in wednesday at the very latest.

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whats the point of a deadline if you just IGNORE IT


all of this IGNORING DEADLINES business is just so aggravating



well fuck it all, I've got everyone's song except for baron. and that guy is awesome. what the hell :(


I guess I'll send the other 23 to ihggy and see if baron sends it in tomorrow. polls could be/should be up by tomorrow night.


I guess we'll start without baron if he doesn't send in tomorrow.

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alright, motherfuckers! we got the first round matchups. they were created using this site: random.org


if you want to download all the first round songs (minus baron's song), here's a zip of them all: http://www.mediafire.com/?wlvamj3tuyz


>>>> polls go up tomorrow night. unless something fucks up <<<<<





babydoctor vs. janel

mooks vs. cuckoo

foodcourt vs. baron

kzufolo vs. bunnycat

jinsai vs. pentatonic boy

kafkadoodledoo vs. badman

ihggy vs. okcomputer

gargantuan vs. troll 2/thomas j

hailtotheshy vs. panicoffice

microphone/roger vs. ryan

definitely toby vs. tristan

athalon vs. who throws a shoe?

l dopa vs. butcherdown


note: if we don't get baron's song tomorrow, then we're dropping baron and butcherdown from the battle. Instead, l dopa will face foodcourt.



the tracklisting for the download is as follows:


Monologue (babydoctor) - Devil Sun

birds chart (janel) - empty space

Thom Praisewater (mooks) - No Action

Skwrk (cuckoo) - brain was a shambles

faille temporaire (foodcourt) - Average

Baron (baron) - ? no submission yet

Sea Lions (kzufolo) - Good Feelings

Mosaic Orgasm (bunnycat) - ethio-reticulum

Jinsai (Jinsai) - Eye of the Storm

James Grady (pentatonic boy) - Papercuts

Liquid Lunch (kafkadoodledoo) - Pumpkin

George Woskob (badman) - Amateur

Handglops? (Ihggy) - ? (not in download)

Pignoah (Okcomputer) - Design

Thaddeus Cahill (Gargantuan) - The Nothing

Thomas J Marchant (Troll 2) - Nancy (2009)

Oh Well (hailtotheshy) - Lookin Up

Stereo Disconnect (panicoffice) - Afterglow

Mindwater (roger) - bean pie blues

Entrails Extravaganza (ryan) - Chicken Nuggets

The Kitchen Club (definitely toby) - Stand-in Soul

Tristan Eichorn (tristan) - pop song

If I If I (athalon) - A Beginning

WARGANIZATION (Who Throws a Shoe?) - Drift

Royal 27s (l dopa) - Bad at Match

Butcherdown (Butcherdown) - some song I would have to pick (not in download)

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