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MT Battle of the Bands 2010

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Submission Deadline: one month from now, April 12


Battle to Start: Shortly after April 12th


Rules: No covers. Solo music projects are accepted. If you are submitting a song by a band, you must at least be a member of that band that plays some type of instrument or sings (i.e., no managers, promoters etc). You can alternate between different solo projects, bands, etc of yours.


Way this shit will work, ese: You will need a new song for every round you make it to. At most you will need 5-6 songs, meaning you need 5 or 6 songs if you make it all the way to the final round (most people don't). Send in MP3s to me, please. You can start sending those to me now. Order of preferred delivery of songs: Wall posts, thread posts, PMs (inbox fills up fast). Once a poll has ended and if your song won, you will have roughly 2-3 days to submit your next round song.


On voting: vote for the poster in the given poll based on all of their songs so far. In round one, this is meaningless. But in round two, three etc, you should consider all of the poster's songs and all the songs of his or her competitor before voting. No alias votes/double voting, of course.


Have fun. Don't be shy. If you have any detailed questions: zach_ferguson on skype. If you have short/easy questions: give me a wall post.


Also, I'll give you some tips and suggestions over skype if you want. That's ok. If you're really in this to win, just start talking to me every day about the battles and we'll see what happens. Did you know that's what Cab did during the very first BOTB I hosted? And did you know Kristen and I talked a fair amount during the cover competition that she won? I'm not saying any of them cheated or anything. Not at all. Think of me as a coach. Wait, ignore all of this.






Oh, a note on the picture: very sorry if I left anyone out. This was a bit of a daunting task. No idea who will compete among these representative pictures, and who will join who isn't in this photoshop. We'll see!



>>>> polls go up tomorrow night. unless something fucks up <<<<<



download songs

babydoctor vs. janel

mooks vs. cuckoo

foodcourt vs. l dopa (l dopa receives wildcard)

kzufolo vs. bunnycat

jinsai vs. pentatonic boy

kafkadoodledoo vs. badman

ihggy vs. okcomputer

gargantuan vs. thomas j

hailtotheshy vs. panicoffice (panicoffice gets the wildcard)

microphone/roger vs. ryan

definitely toby vs. tristan

athalon vs. who throws a shoe?



download songs

janel vs. mooks

foodcourt vs. kzufolo

pentatonic boy vs. kafkadoodledoo

ihggy vs. thomas j

hailtotheshy vs. microphone/roger

tristan vs. who throws a shoe?

l dopa vs. panicoffice

babydoctor vs. athalon



mooks vs. kzufolo

kafkadoodledoo vs. thomas j

microphone/roger vs. who throws a shoe?

l dopa vs. babydoctor



kzufolo vs. kafkadoodledoo

who throws a shoe? vs. l dopa



kafkadoodledoo vs. l dopa



Second Round Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ymmzdohwjjz

birds chart (janel) - tripped up on time

Thom Praisewater (mooks) - God Is On My Side

faille temporaire (foodcourt) - About Being Lucky (Maybe)

Sea Lions (kzufolo) - I Loved Her So Much

James Grady (pentatonic boy) - Scumbag Lullabies

Liquid Lunch (kafkadoodledoo) - No More Pain

Handglops - ihggy (not in download)

Thomas J (thomas j) - Unemployment

Oh Well (hailtotheshy) - Yeah You

Roger Mindwater (microphone/roger) - This Is How It Should Be, This Is How It Is

Tristan Eichhorn (tristan) - Surround

Warganization (who throws a shoe?) - Ghostbust

Royal 27's (l dopa) - Head On

Stereo Disconnect (panicoffice) - Dangerous Ideas

Monologue (babydoctor) - Tomorrow or the Next Day

If I If I (athalon) - An End (Berceuse Revisited)



First Round Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?wlvamj3tuyz

Monologue (babydoctor) - Devil Sun

birds chart (janel) - empty space

Thom Praisewater (mooks) - No Action

Skwrk (cuckoo) - brain was a shambles

faille temporaire (foodcourt) - Average

Royal 27s (l dopa) - Bad at Match

Sea Lions (kzufolo) - Good Feelings

Mosaic Orgasm (bunnycat) - ethio-reticulum

Jinsai (Jinsai) - Eye of the Storm

James Grady (pentatonic boy) - Papercuts

Liquid Lunch (kafkadoodledoo) - Pumpkin

George Woskob (badman) - Amateur

Handglops? (Ihggy) - ? (not in download)

Pignoah (Okcomputer) - Design

Thaddeus Cahill (Gargantuan) - The Nothing

Thomas J (Troll 2) - Nancy (2009)

Oh Well (hailtotheshy) - Lookin Up

Stereo Disconnect (panicoffice) - Afterglow

Mindwater (roger) - bean pie blues

Tristan Eichorn (tristan) - pop song

If I If I (athalon) - A Beginning

WARGANIZATION (Who Throws a Shoe?) - Drift

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i think i might do this. a deadline like this is probably what i need to make me get my random noodlings into something cohesive like songs.


you mean you will do this. there is no think. there is only do battle, or do not battle. yes, I just paraphrased yoda.


i know i said i would do this but it makes me too nervous


please refer to the yoda paraphrase. and also, keep in mind while there's still chance you'd join, that this is a very supportive atmosphere here, that tons of good songs will lose in the first round, and you would have to try really hard to submit the worst song we've seen so far in all the battles of the bands.

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the timing on this is good enough that it'll provide me with enough time to kill several legitimate artists and pass the work of as my own to at least get me through 2-3 rounds.


i wasn't going to do it till i saw my cover in the art and i was like hot damn i can't let zach down.

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the timing on this is good enough that it'll provide me with enough time to kill several legitimate artists and pass the work of as my own to at least get me through 2-3 rounds.


i wasn't going to do it till i saw my cover in the art and i was like hot damn i can't let zach down.


sounds like you could use an alias right now called "seriously evil badman" or something. actually, the whole idea of passing work off as your own is a little frightening. a lot of this relies on the honour system. but there are several posters around here who value nothing more highly than honour, and pennyroyalty is among those posters. so I have full trust in this system.


anyway, you've already got tons of releases george. aren't you set? or are you counting on the element of surprise?

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Sweetness... I'm down. Plus I'm pretty sure you have our EP in MP3 format already. :)


I sure do! would you be submitting anything else/anything new? gotta let me know what order you want them in if you're just going with the EP. ha, remember that time I put in the wrong song for you, and you were up against me? that was a bad mistake I made :L

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Yo - i'm thinking of writing/recording just for this. might force me to pull me finger out.


Haha - just saw the artwork, - its pretty! :thumbsup: musta taken you a while... thanks for not using the 'bedroom smells' artwork on it btw! outside the context of the ep its kinda scary

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