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Found 7 results

  1. https://zapomelsem.bandcamp.com/ before: http://alekimacenauer.bandcamp.com
  2. i am working in garageband right now, and just realised that audio formats are getting more numerous, so i am wondering if i should seriously start learning more about them, because so far, whether i used mp3 or mp4 or wav to send garageband projects in iTunes, it hasn't made a difference to me. so i'm thinking it's for people who are more experts? any thoughts?
  3. hey guys, the NEW MT COMP is out now! You can download it here: https://mortigitempo.bandcamp.com/album/november-2015 it's goood! here is the tracklist 01. Clearwater - Kyriakos Ioannou 02. Left Behind Quick - Isolde 03. Ytho? - Elliott Heath 04. Trials & Tribulations (Psych Version) - Warganization 05. Out - noobjens007 06. Constance - George Woskob 07. Jitter - Disappearing Dunbar 08. Gone Are The Days - The Links 09. #001 - Minotawr 10. How Can You Be Cool? - Tone Police 11. Debris Gems - Walter Ego 12. Inside Your Mind - Master Shortpants 13. honey cake - dsfasd
  4. since we havent done a comp of MT originals yet this year, ok lets do one. send them to handglops@gmail.com i need wavs or aiff for bandcamp, so please send those if you got them. if you use a site like wetransfer that sets an expiration date, let me know itt that you sent it that way so i can make sure to download it in time. you can also send them via google drive or dropbox (same email). just make sure you send wavs or aiff unless you absultely can't for some reason! lets say due date is like Monday October 19th. OK List: ihgy cartwheels paws button neptune from uranus m
  5. Hey there everybody! This is my soundcloud! Thank you very much if you take a listen to my songs. Also I've just recently uploaded a cover of Fake Plastic Trees to youtube. Made it with my beloved '91 Tele. There were about four audio tracks recorded for this, and then I filmed two videos for visual purposes, mainly. So not everything you hear can be seen on the video. I hope you like it, thank you very much for watching and listening!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxX-qCS3Jvc <--- PREVIEW OF MASH-UP http://www.comusic.org/music-mash-up/ <-- TICKETS Come and witness a beautiful performance on July 7th at the Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder, CO! For more information, click the link above!
  7. Kyriakos Ioannou - Selected Works Vol. 1 http://www.mediafire...ob7tb0mtr1b5hbb Compiled some of my most favourite tracks I have made over the past several years. Hope you enjoy : )
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