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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone! this is my first topic here so i'll introduce myself: I'm Tomás (19) from Argentina, favorite bands: RH, The Beatles, Gustavo Cerati, Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, RHCP, Björk, etc lol. I make glitch art from more than a year and i'm still learning: My fb page for moaaaar and new art https://www.facebook.com/serpenteandolarazon.art -And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make-
  2. So I noticed I've been doodling a lot of minotaurs lately (their heads look like hair dryers) and I wanted to know if you have some minotaurs of your own (or any other hybrids, I love drawing them) Don't have any good pictures, but they're mostly doodles anyway, so...
  3. First off apologies for the ad, but this might interest some of you. Last week I launched my latest project, Waveform, showcasing 29 sound wave posters visualising tracks by Radiohead, Massive Attack, Daft Punk, and lots more in between. Please take a look at the Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/szabohaslam/waveform-dance-music-silkscreen-prints-second-wave
  4. 'F*CKED MILLENNIUM' BY STANLEY DONWOOD Exclusive new print to www.EditionFifty.com by Stanley Donwood. 50 x 70 cm Giclée print Archival print 310 gsm museum quality paper. 100% Cotton printed with genuine Epson Archival inks Signed & numbered. Edition of 50 £122 + P&P Shipped worldwide www.editionfifty.com
  5. color


    so i wrote a lot of poems and put them together with artwork i've also done in, uh, zine form i guess and i want you to have one i'm charging other people $2 for this but it's free for mters i'm not completely done yet but here is a poem that will be featured: and here is a lil comic: let me know what you think/if you want one :3
  6. First ..hello i'm joe. I've been coming here for a long time, but never joined the forums...not sure why. I guess talking to people who have common interests, about a subject i enjoy never crossed my mind.... I've been listening to radiohead for a long time and they've completely affected (in a good way) how I play music...view music. I really don't no where i would be on guitar without trying to figure out how to play their songs. Anyway, I had the cookie monster pic on my now defunct hard drive...I was going to, in the future, get it tattoed some where on my body,but I can no longer
  7. Hi. Do you dig Radiohead? Thought so. Me and my study group at Anhembi Morumbi’s Graphic Design course are developing a collection of 5 books entirely dedicated to the discography and biography of your (potentially) favorite British band. The Radiohead Re_Vision project is part 4 artbooks aimed to communicate the ambience of the band’s discography through illustration, photography and collage. In other words, books to see while you listen (the albums are included!). And is part the most complete biography of the band revamped with new graphic and photographic treatment. The idea is explai
  8. Please watch, and vote if you liked it. Or just watch. This is my first project, so any feedback would be a delight. http://www.talenthou...eb965cc08b7/663
  9. Kyriakos Ioannou - Selected Works Vol. 1 http://www.mediafire...ob7tb0mtr1b5hbb Compiled some of my most favourite tracks I have made over the past several years. Hope you enjoy : )
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